Thursday, May 10, 2007

More proof of my spiral into insanity

As if anybody needed any. Heh.

Bloody Munchkin: *Gasp* There's a white sock coupling with a pair of my panties! Wonder what all the militant white socks think about this. And I'm sure that pair of panties is getting mocked for her relationship. I. Am. Shocked.

Fighing Nun, paused in disbelief, frowning and squinting: What?!?

Bloody Munchkin: I just wonder what all the socks in the sock drawer think about this turn of events.

Fighting Nun, eyeing me fiercely, can't even manage and suitably sized eyeroll: I...

Bloody Munchkin: I feel bad for cutting their relationship off so soon before it even had a chance to fully bloom and grow.

Fighting Nun, shaking head, leaves room.

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