Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Sandwich Ennui...

....What I happen to be suffering from right now. I am so damnably bored of my sandwich that I'm depressed. I didn't think sandwiches could cause depression, but mine is right now. It's taking every bit of my will power not to break down and get something sweet and/or salty from the vending machine right now, I am that disgusted with my sandwich.

It's like sitting there, right now, mocking me with its mediocrity. The wilting lettuce, the soggy in places bread, the 'this was stolen from the government surplus' cheese, the oversalted ham are just too depressing for me to even contemplate. Somebody save me from the boring sandwich blues.

Monday, December 01, 2008

Made Up Band Names: Entry # (I have no clue)

Pillow Physics

TM a conversation FIghting Nun and I had at 4:00 in the Effing morning. Ahem:

Fighting Nun: (Thump)
Bloody Munchkin: OW!!! That was your Pillow in my eye.
FN: Uhm.... I couldn't help it... it was Pillow Physics.
BM: (Considers starting angry rant, gets distracted) You know, that would make a great band name.
FN: Not really. I mean its short of PP. That doesn't work on a lot of different levels.
BM: (Considering it) Hee! Actually that works on a LOT of different levels. They could have a banner behind them, all P. P. That's hilarious.
FN: It's four in the morning, you're not thinking clearly.
BM: I am thinking clearly, that this name is clearly AWESOME!
FN: Bedwetting is a serious matter.
BM: That could be the title of their first album. Heh!
FN: Please go to sleep.