Monday, August 28, 2006

Various Open Letters to People, Place and Things on my birthday

Dear Birthday Cookies;

Oh Birthday Cookies, how I love you. How you have brightened up my weekend. I've thanked my parents for dutifully making the awesome sugar and icing cookies that have delighted me for much of my childhood, but I don't think I've sufficiently thanked you, oh sugar cookies of awesomeness. You are splendid and awesome and everytime my mother makes me a batch, birthday related or no, there is always much quibbling between Fighting Nun and myself, about who has eaten the most and who deserves to eat the most. Oh sugar cookies, you are such a source of glee, and also such a source of marital discord.

Loves and Kisses;

The Bloody Munchkin

To the awesomely strange bar and all its patrons on First Street in Livermore;

The night before my birthday was pretty awesome. It's been awhile since I've had a really good rando conversation with people at a bar. Thanks for the interesting conversation, in which I found out that there are two Ocean Cities. One in NJ, one in Delaware, and that according to you, dear bar patron I'm sitting next to, are quite particular about your home town. Also, thanks for making us feel like regulars, even though we're not.

See ya for another pint some time soon;

The Bloody Munchkin

To the pottery place close to where our car was parked;

Not that I don't mind that you have a poster displaying a cat and a bunny in a rather compromising position. Actually, I'm very much the opposite of mind. I'm more amused than anything. But do you really think that a poster that could evoke such crude jokes from Fighting Nun and I is really appropriate for the pre-teen set? Maybe you want to evoke conversation about inter-species doggy style positions amongst the youngsters. Maybe you enjoy a subtle but not so subtle Broke-Back Mountain joke as much as the next person, but I don't know that your store front is the best place for such a statement.

Thanks for the tears of Mirth;


To the strange wine dude at Winery Numero Uno;

Tone down the stange and needy. Please I'm begging you. I know we were your first patrons and all, and maybe you were a little rusty with things like, oh I don't know, conversation and customer interaction, but I'm telling you. Un! Comfortable! And I do not want to play the tasting game with my wine. No seriously. Stop asking "Can you taste the spices in this wine?" "Do you pick up the hint of plum?" Are these your only talking points regarding the wine you're selling, cause if they are, you might wanna work on your approach.

Please turn down the wierd;

The Bloody Munchkin

Dear the person who gave me a facial at the spa place;

It was a very enjoyable session but the thing is... Well you see.. It's just... You remind me of my cousin on the black sheep side of the family, and I really couldn't get over that fact the whole time. I hope you're not offended.

Sorry for the bad association;

The Bloody Munchkin

To the two cute girls working the counter at Winery Numero Dos;

To the girl with the little army cap on, thanks for not wearing a bra. Fighting Nun really enjoyed that. To the other girl, I am really envious of your hair. Like sincerely envious. If I could pull of that look I would. To both of you, thanks for the great conversation and being super cool and wishing me a happy birthday. Also, thanks for the awesome cheese and crackers.

Keep up the Cuteness;

The Bloody Munchkin

P.S. To the cute one with the cute hair, stop obsessing about the ex and his phone number. You're better than Zach. Don't ask me how I know. I can just tell.

To the Cafe where we had a super awesome lunch;

I have never had a stew that good before in my life. Delish I tell you. Delish. Although, it is partially to be blamed, I think, for my stunning pyrotechnics later in the day, it was still well worth it. And so was the prociutto. And so was, God help me, the olives. And I hate olives! But then you put them on an antipasto plate, depitted and with some bread and some cheese, and they are suddenly good. Which is bizarre.

You keep making that stew and I'll come back and eat it anytime;


P.S. Please tone down the "audio scarecrow" noises that emenated from the adjoining vineyards. Not that I don't enjoy hearing the crow equivalant of the Jurassic Park Tyrannosaurus Rex versus the Velocarapters scene played out in grapevines in routine intervals every other minute, but it was just a bit odd. At first I thought it was the bird version of a death rattle, but then it was the same thing over and over, and I was afraid that someone was pummeling some bird who couldn't fly in the grapevines, which made me somewhat mortified. Thankfully, it was just an "audio scarecrow", but still. Yeesh. Not an appetizing sound is all.

To Winery Numero Tres;

Sorry about your welcome mat. And your rose bush. I... yeah, just sorry.


To the woman sitting next to us during dinner;

Did I ask you what you were eating? Or drinking? Or about anything else? Then why did you insist for a play by play about our dinner? Yes it was nice. No we couldn't finish it. Sorry if that OFFENDS you and your completist sensibilities. Sorry if us ordering dessert also offended. Oh wait, no I'm not, because it's MY FREAKING BIRTHDAY and I can eat or not eat as much as I FREAKING WANT and I shouldn't have to justify my culinary choices to you, Mrs. Nosy McNosersons, just because you're sitting next to me. Why don't you try minding your own dinner next time.


Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Prison Break!!!

Holy Crap you guys!!! Prison Break's back on!!! And it's goooood. I'll leave the recapping to Television Without Pity, but I'm telling you, right now, Awesome Episode. Dude. Veronica. Just Dude. Not that it surprised me, what with her particular breed of stupid and all. But Daaaamn! Cold. Blooded.

Also, Scofield looks good in a suit.

Also, also! William Fichtner!!! I think I've sufficiently explained how awesome he is. And his character is exactly what this show needed. But I have to ask, why oh why, is he credited as Bill Fichtner? Because that threw me off for a split second. I'm like "Who is this Bill Fichtner dude?" and then I saw him and went all squeey for a second and then I was all "Bill? You sir are a William. Be Proud! Embrace the William!"

Also, also, also! The Doctor! And the Nurse!! I love those two!

Yeah!!! Prison Break is back!!! I know Fighting Nun isn't thrilled, but I sure am!!!

Monday, August 21, 2006

Little League World Series

There's something odd about going to a bar with like a bazillion televisions in it to watch baseball. Because you never just watch baseball. The other tv screens also compel you to watch them. They are vieing for your attention just as much as the baseball game you came to watch. Because the baseball game your watching? Not so compelling really.

So you watch a bit of this and a bit of that that happens to be on the other tvs. And what happens to be on? The Little League World Series. You don't want to get into it. You feel bad for the eleven and twelve year-olds that have sacraficed their whole summers and God knows what else to be participating in this series. There's a whole slew of reasons you shouldn't be watching, from the afore mentioned giving up of the summers, but also about how you feel about sports kids moms and and dads, and coaches and how over-involved they get about winning and everything. But yet your sucked into it. You start feeling bad for the Louisiana team that lost 6 -1. Louisiana's been through enough yo.

You get into the narrative of the game.You then start watching the series between The Great Lakes and the Mid-Atlantic, and three words were uttered that would keep you hooked in on the game: "The Cardiac Kids". That's the Mid-Atlantic team's nickname. The Cardiac Kids. There's an underdog team? Reason enough to keep watchin in intrigue. Two more words were uttered. Spark Plug. Did you see this kid? Because awesome! Really awesome! But you should've really stopped watching. Why? Because sometimes Little League Baseball can be a train wreck.

First off, take an eleven-year-old kid whose still growing into his body and has tons of issues to deal with, mentally and physically and then give that kid a glove and ask him to master a fastball and a breaking ball? Control's going to be an issue. A huge issue actually. An issue with some scary results. Kid get beaned in the head issue. That helmet FLEW off his head kind of issue. You're watching this behind your hands, cringing. And then they do that shot of the parents, with tears in their eyes and the kid still hasn't moved off the ground and you're just waiting, scared out of your wits that something BAD has happened to this poor kid. And you're still watching.

And you're watching when that kid slides into home, and the catcher does not move but what does move is the kid's ankle. It moves in odd angles, in bad angles. And it isn't pretty. And there's crying. And kids at that age crying in pain? Makes you wanna cry.

But you keep watching. Why? Because Cute. Because seeing a kid with head that doesn't quite fit his body wearing a helmet that is five times too big for his head? Geeenius. Because you finally realize where awesome baseball player nicknames start, case in point: Spark Plug. Because despite probably having the weight of the world put on these kids shoulders, you see that they really love the game, that unlike the pros, this is still a game to them to some extent, and its fun. It's work, you can tell it, but it's still a game to them and they play it with heart. And when the game is over the winning team is all smiles and the losing team is all tears, but their sportsman-like about it. They shake hands. They "good game" each other. They leave it all out on the field. They make you remember why you really love the game in the first place, especially when your team just lost a series against their ARCH-ENEMY 2-1! But that's besides the point. Little League Baseball rules!!!

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Flood takes out part of Hatch, NM

Don't worry Fighting Nun. It sounds like the chilis made it out fine. Whew. For a second there, I thought Christmas was ruined.

Master of the Flying Guillotine

Why didn't somebody tell me about this movie!!! Once again, the mighty internet proves it is not omnipotent because it did not clue me into the awesomeness of this movie. I didn't get to see the whole thing last night, but what I did see? Totally Awesome! I mean absurdly awesome. Like "No way did that just happen!" Awesome. Like I totally have to see it again Awesome!

I mostly have to see it again because I kept only seeing bits and pieces. I kept running errands and then Xanthia called and there were all these distractions that kept me from the awesomeness, which is sad really because, did I say Awesome already? And then Fighting Nun would tell me about the awesomeness of the parts I missed, which went something like this.

Fighting Nun: You missed it.
Bloody Munchkin: What?
FN: So the blind dude came in the guillotine hat thing and rolled some heads.
BM: He did? Was it bloody?
FN: Oh yeah.
BM: Rewind! Rewind. I wanna see.
FN: Uhm. I can't I turned it to the game.
BM: YOU TURNED IT TO THE GAME? When there was awesome bloody beheading involving a guillotine HAT THING? How could you? HOW COULD YOU? (I think I get over invested in Kung Fu movies really)

This same scene played itself out a couple of more times:

BM: So what happened with the guys on the poles?
FN: Oh it was awesome. The one guy did this move and then the other guy did this other move and then the one guy got impaled on the swords below the sticks.
BM: He did? I wanna see!
FN: Uhm. You can't. I change...
BM: The channel. You bastard.
FN: I'm sorry.
BM: *sigh* It's o.k. *under breathe* making me miss awesome impalings. Damn You.

And again:

BM: So why is the blind guy with the awesome mustache after the one armed dude who is actually two-armed but is trying to act like he's one armed?
FN: It was all explained in a flash back that you missed.
BM: I missed a flashback?

A few moments later:

BM: Is this a flashback?
FN: No. You'll know that their flashbacks cause their filmed all in red.
BM: I missed red flashbacks. Man I missed all the good stuff.
FN: Yes. Yes you did. Sorry.

So now I'm dieing to see the movie in all its entirety, not just because of wanting to watch the scenes I miss but also to revel in the several things that I did see, which are:
  1. The awesome tournament fighting scenes involving a wide array of colorful characters. I'm watching this whole tournament thing going: "Aw, that's where Dragon Ball Z got it from. Damn!" I especially like watching the fight scene with the other one armed guy because it on frame you can actually see the arm he was trying to hide. Which is absurdly awesome drinking game material.
  2. The Camera Angles of Drunkeness - I haven't seen that much camera careening since the last season of the Amazing Race! 'Nuf Said.
  3. The Awesome Foley Team - The Foley team for this movie worked its ASS off. Man. There were sound effects for moves punches and kicks that didn't even hit anything. And every sound had a cumulutive effect just short of making your ears bleed.
  4. The great overdub we've all come to know and love. I don't think much needs to be said about that.
  5. The firehouse scene. I don't want to give too much away, but that's some coldhearted shit to do to mothafucka is all I'm gonna say. Cause really.
  6. The one armed protagonist. Different from the one armed guy in the tournament scene, all sorts of cheesy wonderous glory.
  7. The coffin shop scene. Again, don't wanna give too much away, but I must say I'm amazed that the whole axe-spring-loading coffin lids thing is soo ingeneous I'm amazed it hasn't been raped and pillaged by some hollywood hacks ad nauseum. I'm glad it hasn't though, that way this movie isn't diminished in any way.
  8. The badass blind guy with the mustache of glory and the hat-guillotine thing to match. I have to ask what the swastika symbol on his robe was about? Because What? I mean this film was filmed in 1975, and yet it was still part of his wardrobe. It would confound and kind of depress me if I stopped to think about it, but thankfully this movie didn't give me time to ponder the costume choice because I was too busy paying attention to his eyebrows and his nose twitching.

So. Uhm that's all I got, until I see the movie again. Because. SOOOOO Awesome. And this time I'll be damned if Fighting Nun changes the channel!!!

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Before Sunrise

Will somebody please give me Richard Linklater's number so I can call him and gush about how much I love Before Sunrise and Before Sunset and how generally awesome he is? Because he's awesome. And these movies are awesome, as are most of his movies. And Fighting Nun is awesome for actually liking them (although it took some coaxing just to wath them, didn't it, Mr. "I don't think it sounds very good."-pants, Huh?)

So, flashback to ten years ago. I'm 17, which *shudder*. My mom rents Before Sunrise, I think partially because I had a big ole honking crush on Ethan Hawke. This movie had me entranced, not because it was romance movie, because I don't think it's a romance, not at its core, I think it's a deeply affecting character study, but of course I was seventeen, so I was convinced it was a romance of sorts, but about a year before that I was convinced I was gonna marry Elden Hensen, so so much for that. But the reason I loved that movie is because it felt real. It didn't feel layered with schmoopy sentiment, it wasn't over the top with the charm. It felt comfortable, lived in, beautiful and simple. I was at that impressionable age right before I went to college, filled with all this grandeous ideas of literature and philosophy, and sitting in coffe shops and having interesting conversations with people, and what college was supposed to mean. And oddly enough, this movie made all those ideas feel attainable.

Cut to ten years later, or more to the point, February. I have had Before Sunset tivoed for like months, because Damn It! I'm going to talk Fighting Nun into it if it kills me. Fighting Nun is left to his own devices for a week and decides to watch Before Sunset. He's utterly convinced he's going to hate it. His expectations are loooow. Like trying to find any enjoyment out of Kevin Federline's rapping career loooow. But, surprise! He likes it. (Cue Chunk Voice "I told you. I always tell you guys but you never believe me.") Ahem. So later on I watch it and, no surprise, I absolutely love it.

And then Fighting Nun delivers the sweetest, oddest, most perfect compliment ever. He says Celine reminds him of me. It's perfect because ten years before, as that idealistic seventeen-year-old, I empathized with Celine. I think part of me wished I was her, having these amazingly intellectual conversations and yet she was so obviously vulnerable. She refused to hide her insecurities. She displayed some of them for all the world and for Jesse to see and I'm not sure I appreciated it then, but I appreciate that sentiment now. The fact that Fighting Nun made that comparison without me even throwing out the dots for him to connect... well, I have trouble naming the emotion I felt when he said that.

Fast forward to last weekend, when I got to see Before Sunrise for the first time in ten years. It still feels clean and simple and perfect in its composition. Richard Linklater and crew still hit every note and I still felt the was I did watching it for the first time ten years ago. Everything still has promise. Actually, I feel I got more out of it this time than I did ten years ago, because I got more out of the details than I did when I was seventeen. There's this moment close to the end of the movie where there are small little cuts of places they had been, now deserted, empty, without them in the frame. You get this awesome sense of longing and loss, and it's note perfect. And yes, I'm not ashamed to admit I got all misty eyed, again.

Long story short. I love those movies, and somehow they feel so timeless, so classic that they don't diminish with age. They get better. Thanks Richard. You are awesome. And so is Julie Delphy. And Ethan Hawke.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Dic. Ta. Phone

There are times in my life where I just wish everything was recorded for prosperity. Like I was able to capture some of the rando conversations I've had because some of it is just so bizarre or some of it is just comedy gold that it deserves to be preserved.

Last night, my best friend Xanthia called and we spent a good hour on about three different phone calls bitching and laughing and dissing people we know and generally having a good time, which yes, the way we have a good time is by making fun of people we know. We became best friends in high school. That's where the source of our friendship comes from, high school bitchery. That's how we roll. Don't judge. You know you do it too, or secretly want to. Don't lie. Love the playa. Hate the game. But that's not the point.

The point is, that whole hour of conversation was comedy gold. It was perfection. And I wish I could transcribe it here, but I can't. Partly because I haven't asked Xanthia's permission and partly because most of it is now lost to history.

Here's a recap though: It started with me insulting Xanthia's on-again off-again paramore who from now on we'll call Ren-faire Jerk, with an awesome line along the lines of "Tell him to go lick a Meth addict. He seems to enjoy it", then it veered off with me realizing that Ren-faire Jerk was actually in the room with Xanthia so then I felt shamed. From there it went on to postulating the the apocolypse is upon us with several different end-of-days calamities come to life. "She wants to date hiiiiiiimmmm? Yeah. Time to head for the hills. The end of days is niegh." About then, Xanthia got kicked out of Ren-Faire Jerk's apartment (Long Story) so then we bitched about Ren-Faire Jerk long and hard. Somewhere around then, I admitted my obsession with "Who Wants to be a Superhero" which led into a discussion or Ren-Faire Jerk's fascination with the show. He and I like the same things? *Shudder* But admittingly I like the show because of how cheesy and lame it is, which I'll get to in a future post, hopefully, and he likes it because he wants to TRY OUT for the show. Which lead to the conjuring up of a Who Wants to be a Superhero drinking game. Except the drinking game would be centered around Ren-Faire Jerk's reaction to the show. "RFJ mentions the type of Super-hero he'd be if he was on the show - 1 shot. RFJ describes the type of outfit he'd wear for tryouts - 2 shots. RFJ describes in detail the type of sidekick you should become - forget the shot, drink the bottle." Somewhere along the line, we veered into talking about the Sumo Wrestling event that happened here and how I DID NOT GET TO SEE IT! No Sumo Wrestlers for me! How upsetting is that? We made a pact that the next time Sumo Wrestling came to town, I'd fly her out here and we'd go see it and then go directly to Wine Country where we would procede to slosh our way through a wine tour. We don't care which one. We're not picky really. Then there was some bolstering of self-esteem in there somewhere. "It's not that you're a loser who can't keep a man Xanth, it's that, out in the weeds of New Mexico, there's nobody of a caliber enough to hang with you. You told a lawyer "Let's Dance Cowboy." IN COURT. You're too much woman for the boys there to handle is all." "Yeah, that's right. I am!" There was some funky conversations about Ernie Reyes Jr. in there and me telling her she had to see Final Fu immediately as well. The conversation only ended because we killed her cell phone battery.

Doesn't sound funny? Maybe not. But I'm telling you. There were some bits in there that were comic GENIUS. Genius I tell you. Which makes me wish I had recorded the whole thing for posterity. Earth Shattering Material there folks. So here's wishing that the next time Xanthia and I have one of our long conversations, I either commit it to memory better or record it, cause it's great. Love you Xanth! Call again anytime!

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

No, I'm not going to the company picnic.

"I'll pass on the free burgers and bar-b-que this year, thanks.
Hey, why you giving me the stink-eye?"

Sorry, I'm just not. Look, it's not that big a deal. Really it's not. So please stop acting so offended. I didn't eat your baby. I didn't threaten to have you with a nice bottle of Chianti and some fava beans. I didn't punt kick your favorite toy poodle out into oncoming traffic. There's nothing to be that offended or shocked about. I'm just not going o.k. No, I don't have "an excuse." for not going, because you told me "going windsurfing" did not qualify as a suitable excuse and I don't really want to make one up.
I'm just not that interested o.k. I don't want to get beaned in the head with an oncoming softball, clueing everyone in on the fact that I can't catch at the company softball game. I really don't need to be part of the water balloon toss, in which I'd most likely get paired with the kid who got fresh with me at the company Christmas party and who would somehow "miss with his aim" so I'd end up soaked and he could ogle me some more (*shudder*). I don't need to play bingo with somebody from accounts recievable's degenerate cousin, mother, or some other relation trying to make polite conversation while staring at their teeth. And, just for the record, the last time I was at the company picnic, the free alcohol was in quanitities insufficient enough to meet my needs, so these things usually end up on the debit column for me anyway.

So, just save me the shtick alright. You know what shtick I'm talking about. That "Oh you're such a fuddy-duddy" shtick, giving me that look like I'm such a party pooper for wanting to waste my Sunday on something other than carousing with all my fellow employees. Look, there's only so many good windsurfing days in the season. I plan to use them all as wisely as possible. Oh now what? ... Yes I know I'm not suppose to use windsurfing as an excuse. At least it's the truth alright. What you want me to lie to you tell you that I've planned to use that weekend to feed starving orphans in Africa and build houses for Habitat for Humanity? Fine. I'll lie to you. I'm feeding starving orphans and building houses for Habitat for humanity, and if there's any time left over, I might fit in some time for the Peace Corps. Don't roll your eyes at me. I'm only telling you what you want to hear. Yes I realize that what you want to hear is "Yes, I'll be at the company picnic. Right on time. See You there." but it ain't gonna happen. Fine, be all pouty and call me a ba-humbug all you want. Now if you'll excuse, I'll be over in the corner, eating babies, stealing Christmas, and being the pox on humanity that you think I am. Good day sir. I said Good Day!

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Six Degrees of Imdb

Imbd is a horribly addictive internet thing for a pop culture junkie like me. It's so wrong. I go in there to read user comments for some movie, and next thing you know, I'm spending a good fifteen minutes combing through the cast of Eerie, Indiana's respective c.v. because just moments before that, I was combing through Picket Fences's cast and crew for some reason, that reason was some how not in relation to Tom Skerritt remarkably, and found that the guy who played Matthew Brock on Picket Fences also played Simon Holmes on Eerie Indiana, which if I remember correctly, was the kid who got ran over by a bus but gave his heart to girl who needed a heart transplant. I'd have to recheck this but unfortunately I do not (DO NOT) have Eerie, Indiana on DVD which is an oversight that I can not (CAN NOT) get Fighting Nun to remedy for me, as well as the oversights of not having Freaks and Geeks and all the seasons of Kids in the Hall, not to mention Invader Zim on DVD (Are You listening Fighting Nun? My birthday is around the corner, these or that Video iPod you've been threatening to get me would suit me perfectly.).

So aaaannnnyhooooo. So I open up Imdb really quickly to read a user review of Little Miss Sunshine (which consequently I want to see now) and I see that Alan Arkin is in it. I then look at his c.v. to revel in the fact that he was in So I married an Axe Murderer and was all sorts of awesome in it. I then see that he was in Chicago Hope, which I did not know and found funny because I sometimes get him and Hector Elizando mixed up and then I look up Hector Elizando up whilst simultaneously chiding him for being in Princess Diaries 2 ("You're better than that Hector. Shame on you!") And then I see that he was also in Jack and Bobby which illicited the following response from me "Damn Hector. What are you? Christina Latti's bitch? Damn." I then see that he was in Picket Fences and I'm all "I don't remember him in that." and so here I am looking at the cast of Picket Fences, which, why didn't someone clue me in to the fact that Holley Marie Combs was in this show? Because I had a tirade once, a long time ago, about her being the odd man out on the cast of Charmed with verteran child stars Shannon Dougherty and Alyssa Milano seems awfully misplaced and wrong now. Sorry Holley, I didn't know. And now I know that the little redhead on Picket Fences, whose various TV, movie and commercial comings and goings I've been cataloging with a casual interest is named Adam Wylie. That's committed to memory now sadly. Now anytime season two and three episodes of Gilmore Girls reruns get Tivoed, I'll be able to name him, which will have Fighting Nun's eyes rolling into the back of his head, again. So then I went from Adam Wylie, to the guy who played his brother who also turned out to play that guy on Eerie, Indiana. And every time I check out the cast list for Eerie Indiana, I am compelled to Check out Jason Marsden's c.v.just on principle. So there you have it. I somehow went from the cast of Little Miss Sunshine to Jason Marsden in like, what five steps? Not even six degrees, damn. I have no idea what this says about me...

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Field of Dreams

This story makes me so happy, I can not even tell you. If there is a God, I would have a round trip ticket Dubuque Iowa in my hot little hands right now, I'd stay at my aunt's house in Worthington or my other aunt's house Monticello and I would get to see this in person.

I love The Field of Dreams. Right now, certain cable movie channels that shall remain nameless (only because I can't really remember which ones right now) have been showing Field of Dreams again and I have to watch it each and every time it is on. Every. Time. The Field of Dreams compells me. And so does James Earl Jones. Because James Earl Jones is awesome. And his voice is very commanding. Can you say no to Darth Vadar? No! Not just because of the jedi mind tricks, but also because of the voice. But anyway, that's not the point.

The fact they are actually going to show the Field of Dreams in the Field of Dreams that was made in order to film The Field of Dreams is possibly the most awesomest coolest thing ever. It's kinda cool that Kevin Costner will be attending (it'd be cooler if James Earl Jones were there, but anyway). I just... I totally want to go to this.

I've been to the field before and it is touristy and hoaxy, and you do the really annoying things like pretend you're popping out of the corn like Shoeless Joe, and it's kind of awesome because there are actually (or were, it's been awhile) two farmers who share the particular land the field was made, so they had dualing tourist trap huts, one on the first baseline, the other on the third baseline, and you could tell the two people working the booths really disliked each other.

But that's not the point. The point is that it would be totally awesome to watch one of my favorite movies on the site it was actually filmed with like famous people attached to the movie and stuff. Be even cooler if James Earl Jones were there, but... Hey did I say that already? Yeah I did. Sorry for the redundancy. It would be cool though. (Tell him to get off the set of Sandlot 3: Straight to Video and head to Iowa somebody, geez.) If they would have a showing of The Goonies on the beach, or, even better, on a mock up of the pirate ship. and I could be in attendance, I would be a happy, happy girl.