Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Strange Musings on Dreams

So, I don't exactly know why, but I have been having the strangest dreams. I've blamed their occurance on the pregnancy, which may or may not be the reason. Truth is, I've always had wierd dreams (Suzanne Summers having all the answers, anyone remember that?) but pregnancy has somehow turned up the coocoo factor in my dreams. There was a dream involving Jessica Alba and Josh Hartnett and me and apparantly I was a spy that infiltrated Jessica Alba's brothel while Josh Hartnett kept Jessica Alba busy (I have no idea). And then there was another involving Sir Elton John, which I don't even remember the lead up to that one (Again, no idea). I just recently had a dream that my neighbor was housing a horse and a donkey in his backyard and there was something else about that dream that I can't quite remember that made it wierd.

But no dream has been quite as odd as the one this morning. So I'm watching a Monk episode in my dream. Nothing new there, but the episode was called Mr. Monk Versus the Killer Vampire and Kiefer Sutherland, bedecked in The Lost Boys leather jacket and looking badass, was said killer vampire, but then Monk discovers that Kiefer is killing people because they have drugs planted inside their bodies (which ew) and Kiefer wasn't just killing people because he was a vampire but because he had a drug ring and then Monk kills Kiefer Sutherland, but it wasn't Kiefer Sutherland's character he killed, but actually Kiefer Sutherland and I'm yelling "Tony Shaloub what did you do!!" And then I'm at Kiefer Sutherland's funeral procession yelling things like "Kiefer was my favorite Lost Boy", "I'll never be able to watch Stand By Me again" and, my personal favorite "First Renfro, then Ledger, now Sutherland!!! How will I go on?" I remember vaguely thinking "And he just got out of prison too!" when I woke up and then I had to briefly calm myself and remind myself that we are, as far as I know, not living in a Kieferless world, which automatically calmed me. Say what you want about the guy, the wierd Christmas tree attack, the erratic DUI behavior, the TV show I don't watch. But the world is better with him in it. And definately with Donald in it too. (He's one of my favorite characters on Dirty Sexy Money. How could I not love the Sutherlands?)

But now I keep worrying that there might be something slightly prophetic about the dream. At first I thought it might be tied to something regarding my unborn son who will share Sutherland's namesake (yes, Kiefer will be involved in my son's name. Shut up. I don't care what you think! I think the name is cool.) so I was worried that there might be something wrong with the little man. That was until the thing began his rigorous karate training on my ribs and bladder. Then I knew everything was fine. So now I'm worried for the actual Kiefer, and by extension, Tony Shaloub. Like, periodically checking Defamer to make sure nothing strange or worrisome comes up on Kiefer today worried. No, I don't get it either. I'm pregnant, hormonal and neurotic. That's my excuse. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go scour the internets to make sure nothing has happened to Kiefer.

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