Monday, December 01, 2008

Made Up Band Names: Entry # (I have no clue)

Pillow Physics

TM a conversation FIghting Nun and I had at 4:00 in the Effing morning. Ahem:

Fighting Nun: (Thump)
Bloody Munchkin: OW!!! That was your Pillow in my eye.
FN: Uhm.... I couldn't help it... it was Pillow Physics.
BM: (Considers starting angry rant, gets distracted) You know, that would make a great band name.
FN: Not really. I mean its short of PP. That doesn't work on a lot of different levels.
BM: (Considering it) Hee! Actually that works on a LOT of different levels. They could have a banner behind them, all P. P. That's hilarious.
FN: It's four in the morning, you're not thinking clearly.
BM: I am thinking clearly, that this name is clearly AWESOME!
FN: Bedwetting is a serious matter.
BM: That could be the title of their first album. Heh!
FN: Please go to sleep.

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