Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Machete Don't Text

I may or may not do a full review of Machete later but none of that matters cause Machete Don't Text. I freaking love that and it has now become the best reason I have for not texting ever. Machete Don't Text, that's why.  In fact I think it's quite a handy little saying. In the pantheon of short pithy responses I think it sits right next to "Look at the Big Brain on Brad."

Dear Think Geek;

I've never asked you for anything, and you have track record of just giving and giving anyway, but if you'd make a shirt that says Machete Don't Text I would love you forever. It would be right up there with your Rule #2: Always Double Tap and Hello my name is Inigo Montoya T-shirts as the shirts I'd most covet ever. Thank you.

With much love, They Bloody Munchkin

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