Friday, January 06, 2012

Happy FREAKING New Year

It’s not like I expected 2012 to be soooo much better than 2011, and let’s face it, after the year we had in 2010, anything is better than what happened to us that year. But I just didn’t expect it to sour from the very beginning. New Year’s Eve certainly wasn’t a predictor of anything ominous, I can tell you that much. I had a spa day, then we went out for a lovely meal NYE night.

My mom was in town and the next day we had plans to see my good friend Mommy2. Things were looking up. And then things stared directly into the center of a toilet bowl, literally, on and off for hours. That’s right people, first day of the new year and I get what I’m convinced is food poisoning right out of the gate. It was miserable. The only time I got out of the bed was to run to the bathroom. It came out of both ends that day, literally. Not that you want to know this, but I ruined a bath mat in the process (I’ll spare you the details on what bodily fluid ended up doing it in). Sorry for the horrible visuals. Then 24 hours later, I was over it. Good, I thought, I can start off the New Year properly.

Then Fighting Nun caught whatever I had two days later. Which meant we were struggling with how to watch Boo Bear while he fought the bug, all the while hoping against all hope little Boo Bear wouldn’t get the same thing (so far so good. Fingers crossed).

Which brings us to yesterday. Fighting Nun’s dad, who lives with us, has a chronic breathing disorder, so that little cold that we all catch inevitably turns into something much worse. He’d been fighting off something for awhile, until it all came to a head. He’s back in the hospital again. Thankfully it had nothing to do with our stomach bug, or whatever, but it’s horrible just the same.

It’s not the worst day of our lives, or worst week. Like I said before, this doesn’t even make the top ten list, or top twenty for that matter, but it sucks just the same. I had all this hope for the New Year, all these plans and now, it feels like all the wind has been let out of my sails. My enthusiasm for reading has kind of lulled temporarily, and I’ve stalled on the third book in the The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flammel series (which can I just say how NON-handy the title of this series is. You couldn’t have named the series of the whole something short and sweet like I dunno, The Immortals, or The Elders, could you there Michael Scott? No? Ok Then.). And I’m having trouble working up the energy or finding the time to write something longer than a tweet that’s not work related. This is the first time in the new year where I finally feel like I can write something of substance without bailing.

I’m still sticking to my resolution to read and write more, but it would be nice not to have to be spread in fifteen million directions so I could get some of it done.

I shall stop bitching and moaning, just as soon as I get up off this toilet. Back to regularly scheduled programming.

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