Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Book Review: The Warlock

I finally slogged through The Warlock the Fifth book of The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel (and again can I just say how non-handy that series title is? Ahem). The funny thing is that I’m kind of drawing a pretty big blank on what happened in this book. I got about halfway through (actually if I remember correctly my Kindle said I was at exactly 50% through the book) when I got to the scene where (spoiler alert) Sophie is giving her energy to Perenelle so she can give her aura to Nicholas so he can survive one more day. There was something about that scene that was kind of a black hole for me so I put the book away and read the three Hunger Games novels followed by Going In Circles so when I came back to it, I didn’t remember much of what had happened.

I have to say though that with the action picking up the way it did in the last half, I kind of regret not reading it all the way through.  The characters they keep piling onto the series and the ways in which they are added continue to liven up the series and keep me enthralled.  But there are so many that it kind of makes my head spin trying to keep up with them all.

The most interesting part of the books is the time bending that takes place. Some of the action takes place in present day San Francisco while a big chunk of it takes place in the past in Danu Talis and trying to keep the time strands straight is a daunting task but ultimately rewarding.

I don’t have much else to say except that I still have the two Amazon only books the Author created to read and hopefully that gets me to May because I’m dying to read the end to this series!

My grade, because I can’t remember enough of the details of this book, because I hit a dead spot in the narration and now can’t keep it all straight is a B-

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