Monday, September 09, 2013

Breaking Bad Reviews: Rabid Dog and To'hajiilee

Okay, so last week got away from and I didn't do a review for the Rabid Dog episode so I thought I'd review both episodes, but I'm not sure I'm even capable of that because that episode ending left me reeling so freaking much that I might not be in any sort of shape to be coherent.

I will say that this show's heating things up to slow things down again only to rev them up even more this season might be a master class in suspense and tension. I mean, this show is a chess board and when Jesse went to light Walt's house on fire, I thought, finally somebody is making a play for the queen. But then Hank talked Jesse down and that sweeping move, other than getting gasoline soaked into the subflooring,didn't do anything but get Skylar's momma bear claws out. And this week, I thought was just going to be more chess board pieces moving around. Walt was looking for Jesse, Jesse was looking for Walt's money, Todd and his crazy racist, sexist family were looking for a better batch of meth, Lydia was looking for a better batch of meth, and it would just a lot of small moves with probably not a lot of payoff this episode.

Boy was I ever wrong.

That showdown in the desert builds and builds into the most gut-wrenching, breath-taking violent masterpiece I've ever seen. It was so carefully and beautifully orchestrated too. It wasn't just the violence, but the way it came around. I haven't seen dances that well choreographed. I also haven't witnessed a piece of TV that has left me that breathless for that long. Even my friends on twitter were like 'can't breath' and 'my heart is going so fast'. It was insane.

And the really intriguing part is that we won't know where the chess pieces really are until the dust settles. I'd like to make a 'Oh Gomez, for we hardly knew ye' or 'Go with God, Uncle Hank, RIP' statement here, the way they left it, but I'm not even sure of that much yet. I do know that I think Pinkman had enough sense of self preservation and I don't need to make a 'Yeah Bitch, Rest In Peace" joke but I don't know that even. Damn you show.

Rabid Dog gets a B+ but that's only because To'hajiilee Is getting an A for the epicness of that last scene.

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