Thursday, November 07, 2013

Movie Review: This is the End

You know how sometimes you'll find a thing, a movie, a TV show, book, game whatever that sometimes hit most if not all of your pleasure points but then you look up and you realize that has piece of pop-culture ephemera only hit your pleasure points and no one else's? Yeah, that's the dilemma I'm having with This is the End. The second Seth showed Jay his name spelled out in joints I knew I was in.

I think it was precisely that moment in which my husband was out. This is nothing new. I'm use to him bailing on stuff that suits me just fine. If I had a nickel for all the times we've come down on different sides of a movie, I'd have a mansion by now.

But this one was more derisive somehow. Maybe it was Danny McBride. He usually throws a monkey wrench in everything. Or maybe the pot humor and dick jokes just got way old way fast, which I have to admit, definitely did. Although, if I can work in "Hey, I like my dick tent!" into casual conversation, than I'm doing something right, I'd say.

I think part of the division was the hubbie didn't get all the in jokes and fun-poking these guys were doing at their own expense, or didn't really care. But since that's my bread and butter, I ate it up with a spoon. The second a coked-out Micheal Cera got impaled by a street lamp, I was in. I was even more in watching David Krumholtz fall down the hellhole. The middle part did get tedious in its infighting and stagnation and I was getting close to wanting to bale. But then suddenly, things kicked it into high gear and *spoiler alert* we find out Channing Tatum is playing gimp to Danny McBride's Zed and I absolutely lose it. Whatever else you want to say about this movie, that, right there will be its enduring legacy.

So yeah, it's mindless and stupid, but it's my kind of mindless and stupid. My husband can have his Hellbenders and his Matrix. I'm perfectly content watching this kind of drivel and laughing at it, thank you very much. A very solid B

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