Friday, March 28, 2014

It's an honor just to be nominated

Since the inception of this blog, I've never been nominated for anything. Not that that's something I look for and honestly, I blog so seldom that I haven't really built a fan-base and a bunch of admirers. I've got a few loyalists, (hi all six of you) but mostly I tend to be screaming out into the void. Which is fine. My writing and my musings are meant to bolster my own writing skills and are sometimes meant for my own catharsis.

But just recently an internet friend who I respect and admire very much nominated me for a versatile blogger award. Eden Baylee, Thank you very much. I met Eden during the Indies Unite for Joshua campaign and have admired everything about her. She's very generous with her time and energy and just as encouraging. For her to direct even more time and effort might way (however slight) by nominating me is an incredible thing. So, again. Thanks Eden.

So, as a nominee I'm supposed to share 7 things about myself you wouldn't automatically know and then share 15 sites who I'd also like to nominate. 

1. Still, after all this time, I'm unhealthily obsessed with the movie Hackers. This is odd for probably a lot of reasons. First, I don't own the movie in any form (VHS, DVD, Blu-ray, or digital), but I do own both movie soundtracks (I. KNOW. In my defense, one of them was a gift). But if I find it on cable I'm watching it, then rewatching it (thank you DVR magic), then falling down the rabbithole known as the internet, looking at all the behind the scenes pictures and crap i don't need to be looking at. But I can't help it. I plead insanity your honor, otherwise known as infinite love for the young Jonny Lee Miller (Rowr.) Okay, better. Next.

2. I can do a spot-on impersonation of Chunk's "Ok, I'll talk" monologue on command. It comes as no surprise to people who've read this blog and especially as no surprise to the author's I've interviewed, but I love the Goonies. It might surprise a some of you that I could probably recite the entire movie by memory, but this scene especially is one that I can pull-off verbatim. I have done my version of the truffle shuffle as well, but that's embarrassing and best left to the professionals.

3. The town I grew up in was named after a cattle brand. It's still an interesting bon mot I'll parade out at cocktail parties just to get some people to scratch their heads and go 'Hm, interesting'.

4. The town I grew up in also has the only man-made lake in the shape of it's name. Guiness Book of World Records here we come, or something...

5. My mom said if I was born a boy, she would've been tempted to give me my last name as my first name. My maiden name is Kerby. So for those of you keeping track, if I was born a boy I would've been Kerby Kerby. Thanks for that story mom.

6. It's been six years, but I still haven't finished The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay. Yes it's a great book and it merits finishing, but it's just sooooooo long. I love Chabon. Love him, and his wife too, but I just haven't been able to muster up the strength to plow through.  I KNOW, I'm sorry.

7. I once mistook a rock for a whale. We were traveling down the 1, and we saw several cars stopped at a turn out. We looked out into the water and there was a whale, so we stopped at the next turn out. We were staring at two whales but only one of them kept surfacing more frequently. There was a family of four stopped beside us and the teenager (snottily, on retrospect) pointed out that we were staring at a rock and that the real whale was the other thing we had been looking at. Thanks snotty teenager from 15 years ago. Sad thing is, I have several stories like that. At the grand canyon I mistook a rock for a dear. Yosemite, the same thing. It's a common theme I guess.

Now onto the 15 other bloggers I nominate:

Laura Zera: Insightful on so many topics, ranging from travel to mental health but also entertaining to read.

Wherever Writer: Her travel musings make me yearn for adventures, especially those happening in home state of California. She's a neverending source for travel inspiration.

Planet Sandisan: Otherwise known as my pop-culture soul mate, or more to the point, my pop-culture compass. When I'm curious about books, TV shows or movies, she usually helps me find true North.

Ryan Casey: An awesome writer who blogs on all things writing and happens to be a good source of encouragement and inspiration at times.

Steven Luna:  Because the Joe Vampire series is my kind of awesome and his blogging is just as funning and insightful.

Sharkbait Writes: He writes about car racing and demons (not the same books, but maybe they should be) what's not to love?

Majk Ink: For basically all the reasons Eden described: Author, school nerd and techno genius. Enough reason for me.

Jason Jack Miller: For educating people on the magic of Appalachians,  schooling you on music and just general badassary.

Heidi Ruby Miller: For Sci-fi writing awesomeness, and also general basassary.

My New Plaid Pants: Another pop-culture compass. He keeps me up to date on all the best casting gossip/movie/TV news and hands out a healthy dose of man-candy whenever you need it. He's a saint.

And I'm going to renominate Eden, cause why not? She's on my blog roll for a reason people.

That's eleven and I need four more, but I'm currently tapped, so you'll have to make due. 

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