Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Kilt Revelations

Not that it matters to anyone but me, but in light of recent kilt news, and some other Scottish-related revelations (which I'll explain later), I've decided to declare this week all Scots week. From now until my parents get into town (Saturday), I shall regal you, my 2 readers, with Scottish and Kilt related insights, starting with....

UTILIKILTS!!!! Thanks to a friend of mine from work who I happen to have utterly strange and fascinating conversations with, I now know that these fanciful things exist. These are awesome. And I love the names and varieties they have for these. I mean The Mocker, The Survival Kilt, The Spartan, The Tuxedo. Let's just stop there for a moment. They actually made a kilt with a tuxedo stripe down the side. The kilt when you have a fancy suit and tie function to go to. If Sean Connery was still playing Bond, He would've worn this kilt instead of tuxedo pants. Or more to the point, he should've. Because Awesome!!! And then you have the Utilikilt they have lovingly deemed The Leather, with which they have captioned it "Pure Sex, Baby. 'Nuff said." True Dat. Very True Dat. I mean, did you see? With the corset pleating in the back? It's wrong and yet so right all in the same Utilikilt.

My only quibble? Not enough plaid. No plaid actually. But that's o.k. I forgive them that minor transgression, because these fine people put a tool belt on a kilt and that's fine by me!!!


Tiger Lady T said...

Ha, gotta love it! I love a good kilt. I'd have to say that the leather kilt combined with the three-row studded belt intrigues me... Now you've got your punk/heavy metal rocker/goth ensemble. That one could be a lot of fun to work with. Oooh, now I've got ideas floating around in my head for some great photography shots. I wonder if I could find anyone willing to pay $700 for a leather kilt?? LOL

Gotta love a man who can wear a kilt, and wear it well! My uncle got married in a kilt. The whole traditional ensemble from the Sporran to the dirk in his kilt hose (with the garter flashes too!). He looked very hansome wearing the Crawford Tartan. Yep, we've got our own clan tartan, pretty cool.

Totally forgot that Val wore a kilt in Willow. I'll have to pop that movie in the DVD player this weekend and watch it again.

The Bloody Munchkin said...

Dude, kilts rule. I respect any man who has enough chutzpah to pull them off.

Your uncle wearing a kilt for his wedding sounds rad.

Oh, and Val Kilmer totally rocked his kilt. I need the Special Edition Willow DVD badly! Right now! Damn it!