Thursday, January 04, 2007

And I'm back

Sorry for the drought of posts lately. What with the holiday craziness and such, I have had virtually no time to write. There was some vacation time (although, what with all the family and everything, I'd hardly call it a vacation), and when I got back to work, things were even more crazy, so there has been even less time to write and all that good stuff.

I had totally planned to do a Kilt/All things Scottish rock week before I left for vacation, and I couldn't even get that off the ground. I apologize. Like I said, crazy couple weeks. Just for a quick recap, my Christmas vacation/resulting weeks went something like this...

Work, work, work, greet parental units, chouffer the parental units around, Bowl Game, Bowl Game, shopping, Bowl Game, cooking, eatingmstuffing face. Watch In Good Company (which, why didn't somebody tell me about the awesomeness of this movie? I mean, really? Topher Grace was great, which is something I was convinced I would never say about Topher Grace and Dennis Quaid just rocked. Scarlett Johansen was a breath of fresh air and the other surprise in the cast ruled. David Paymer? Glorious.) Unwrap presents, another round of present unwrapping, watch my dad's eyes come out of his socket as he realizes he was given actual tickets to an actual bowl game and actually gets to go to one instead of watching yet another bowl game on TV (that was totally awesome), another bowl game, Stocking opening, driving to Brother-in-law's for another round of present openning, find out from husband that mother-in-law bought me a sewing machine, try to muster up enough enthusiam to fake being happy about getting a sewing machine, realize I'm being over enthusiastic about getting said sewing machine. Fake enthusiasm turns into actual enthusiasm, because the sewing machine turns out to be really nifty, so all and all, its not that bad. Bowl Game, listen to dad try to come up with signs he can wave whilst at actual bowl game he has actual tickets for. Explain to dad that Fighting Nun will take an extended trip to the bathroom followed by an extended trip to the nachos stand followed by an extended trip to the beer stand because Fighting Nun does not want to associate with or be directly related to anyone holding up a sign, foam finger or other signage proving a person's affiliation with a team that might get said person on TV (Not that I'd know this from personal experience or anything. I still can not talk Fighting Nun into buying me a foam finger to save my life). Watch dad think better of making said sign. Do all of this while oldest neice thinks you are walking, talking jungle gym and proceeds to treat as such. Resign yourself to being a walking, talking jungle gym for rest of night. ... ( I actually don't remember what happened on the 26th, I think I fell into a bowl game comma. Seriously people. There are way too many bowl games. When will the madness end?!?!?!) Have a girls day out where you, your mother, sister-in-law, and mother-in-law go drink wine and otherwise get into terrible mischief. Watch Charlotte's Web whilst boys go to actual bowl game instead of watching bowl game on TV. Watch in amazement while your four-year-old niece recites Charlotte's Web pretty much in its entirety from memory. Watch mother-in-law tear up when *Spoiler alert, for those of you who have never read Charlotte's Web, seen the animated version, have not yet seen this version of it, or otherwise live in a rock* Charlotte is about to die, watch niece comfort mother-in-law and tell her its just a movie. Realize you still have a slight buzz on from all the wine earlier in the day. Visit El Diablo Park for the first time and realize that it is a looooong drive. Have parents leave. Clean. Loll around in underwear and watch yet another bowl game and fall into another bowl game comma, get ready for New Years Eve, go to the city, watch the Lovemakers in concert, have an amzing time, walk down some reeeeeaaaaalllllllllyyy sketchy parts of the City to get back to hotel room, have the most digusting experience in transit ever. Loll around in underwear on new years to recuperate from the New Years Eve revelry.

Thus endeth the festivities, thankfully. I am so glad it's all over. Now I can catch up on important stuff like celebrity gossip and being grossed out by whatever Britney Spears is wearing in public now.

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Kristi Mantoni said...

An EXCELLENT recap!!!