Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Two conversations tangentially involving the episode of Coma we watched last night

So, my still prevalent Lauren Ambrose girl crush (which dates all the way back to Can't Hardly Wait, for those of you wondering) compelled me to watch Coma last night and because of this, some weird conversations arose that are sort of but not totally related. Enjoy! 

Conversation 1:
Bloody Munchkin, Watching Fletch on cable while wrangling the little munchkin: Morning
Fighting Nun, walking down the stairs: Is that Geena Davis? Are we just going to make it Geena Davis week?
Bloody Munchkin: Why yes! I fully intend to find Earth Girls Are Easy followed by Thelma & Louise and if the cable gods are with me, Beetlejuice.
Fighting Nun: Ok, then.

Conversation 2:
Fighting Nun, out of nowhere while feeding baby: James Woods is bad right? Because James Woods is always bad, even on Family Guy, so he's bad right?
Bloody Munchkin:  Well, yes, history implies that. There was that one show, Shark I think, where he was a good buy but it didn't even last a full season* because, well James Woods is the bad guy.
Fighting Nun: Just so we're clear.
Bloody Munchkin: But what I really want to know is how conflicted are you that the awesome black cop dude from Speed looks like he's playing an eeeeeevil doctor?
Fighting Nun: Who?
Bloody Munchkin: Not very conflicted apparantly.
*IMDB corrected me. Shark lasted two seasons, which WTF? How, because that show looked really stupid. Guess I don't know my James Woods roles like I thought I did.

I would've launched into a rant about how protective I am over Joseph Mazzello ever since he was in The Cure (God, I miss Renfro, sniff) because he was an adorable kid with AIDS and I just wanted to put him in my pocket and keep him safe and how The Pacific took that feeling and turned it up to 11, because here's this adorable kid who is now a young adult and he's in a war! A big bad war and if they killed him off in that miniseries I was going to rampage! Rampage! But they didn't so I was OK, but if they kill him off in this miniseries I will most definitely rampage! Protect Joseph Mazzello from harm at all costs people!!!! But I didn't have to rant about that while I was making coffee. So this is what you get.

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