Thursday, February 15, 2007

Beauty and the Geek

So, the Beauty and the Geek Finale. What to say? Blah Blah Blah, Megan and Scooter won, Blah Blah Blah Cecelia was her normal assy self which is why she and Nate didn't win, blah blah blah Nate took the selfless route blah. Somebody get me to the damned reunion show post haste!!! The sole thought preoccuping my brain in regards to this show is: Are Jenny Lee and Nate still together??? Enquiring minds want to know. I demand, somebody supply!!! I must know eet.

Yes, I should know better than to get worked up about crappy TV. But, Hellllo, have you met me? It's what I do. I love Beauty and the Geek. I have watched it for three years running, much to Fighting Nun's shagrin. But I'm sorry I just love it, which is odd because I usually despise most things Ashton Kutcher has ever had a hand in, and yet here I am, week after week, glued to the tv from one embarrassing challenge to the next. And after every episode Fighting Nun rolls his eyes and asks "Why are we watching this again?" and about 70 percent of the time I don't have a good answer, and then Nate escapes the house, cutting himself on a palm tree, to give Jenny Lee a goodbye kiss and hug, and then I totally know why I'm watching this show. The squee. That's why.

I mean Jenny Lee and Nate. So cute. So effing cute it's ridiculous. Somebody get me to the reunion show so I can see if the two of them are still together kind of cute. I'm a sucker for that, and Beauty and the Geek seems to reel me in year after year just on the premise that some 'beauty' ends up 'shipping with one of the 'geeks'. I don't have a good reason for why this is such a draw for me but it is.

Actually, I take that back. I totally do have a good reason. I call it the Brian Krakow principle. I never got what Angela saw in Jordan Catelano. O.k., that's a lie. I mean back in the day Jared Leto was smoking. I totally got that (but now? In his Thirty Seconds to Mars phase? His 'I'm too emo for emo. Look at me with my eyeliner and black nail polish, look at me, look at me' phase? His 'I'm so goth that I date Lindsay Lohan' phase? yeah, not so much.). I know what she saw, but even back then in my teens, I knew guys like Jordan weren't for keeps, weren't for real. But guys like Brian Krakow were, that what they had to offer was more real than whatever Jordan was offering. It saddened me that Angela couldn't see that. I mean, Jordan wouldn't acknowledge that he was dating Angela for a chunk of the season, would make out with her in the boiler room but would totally blow her off in public and, AND, he slept with her best friend and SHE still took him back? Jesus. I mean seriously. (That's a lot of pent up emotion regarding a show that got cancelled during the Clinton administration, isn't it?) But Brian Krakow, with his sweetness, and his book smarts and his hiding in corners of Angela's periphery were just so appealing to me. Why couldn't she see that ? Right. In. Front. Of. Her. (Somebody get me the My So-Called Life DVDs stat!!! I'd ask Fighting Nun but he already got me Willow for Valentine's day so his obligations to my pop culture needs are moot.) So anyhoo. My money and my admirations were on Krakow.

Which is why I like Beauty and the Geek, because guys at various stages of Krakowian Development (consequently, Krakowian Development is my new band name) have a shot at finding themselves, and maybe finding a girl who gets and likes the inner Krakow. And that's why I especially loved this season's pairing of Jenny Lee and Nate, because A) not who I thought would pair up together and B) the utter sweetness and sincerity, especially on Nate's part. He's was gentlemanly, but totally sincere and cute the whole time. The Squee!!! It abounds people. It abounds.

So I don't think I can survive another week without knowing the fate of their relationship. Reunion! Show! Now! Damn it.


Stephanie said...

How bizarre - you sound like me talking about the show (although I have yet to admit on my blog that I watch it). I want to know what's up with Nate and Jenny Lee now!

Randi said...

I googled Nate & Jennylee and Beauty and the Geek and came to your post. Instant bookmarking awesomeness.

Thank you for pointing out why I love this show so much. The Brian Krakow effect. Brilliant!

micheal said...

I want to know what's up with Nate and Jenny Lee now!Thank you for pointing out why I love this show so much. "Ashton Kutcher's reality dating TV show 'Beauty and the Geek 2' has spawned a real life romance."