Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Ukiah's Birthday and the Boston Marathon Bombing

Yesterday would've been Ukiah's Fifth Birthday.

Yesterday two bombs detonated near the finish line of Boston City Marathon.

Words cannot explain how inextricably sad I am over both events.

I spent the morning at George Mark House with my husband and my little girl, walking the grounds to see Ukiah's tile and his rock, two fitting tributes to our son that exist at George Mark House. We then went to the Oakland Zoo, a place we think Ukiah would've loved. We never got to take him there as much as we wanted to and so we take our sweet munchkin there every chance we get.

We went home to rest and regroup from the day and turned on the television only to be inundated with coverage from the Boston Marathon Bombing. I think it goes without saying that my heart goes out to all of those families that lost loved ones and all those injured in the blast. This was devastating and I'm sorry for your loss.

My heart also goes out to those who caused this chaos. This might be a controversial statement but whomever it is had to be in a very bad place to even consider this as a course of action for whatever reason. This is not the act of a sane, healthy happy person or people. I despise the act, but I can not despise the people because they have to be in a very bad place to feel the need to pull something like this off. I refuse to hate whoever did this because they had hate enough in their hearts already. Every body deserves love especially those who could pull off such hateful acts. They probably need it more. Hating them isn't the answer. Making them responsible for their actions is.

I'm so sad that my son's birthday now shares this date with a very heinous act of violence that needed not to have happened. I think I might still be so shell shocked from the events to be able to make much sense of it here in this space.

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