Thursday, June 06, 2013

3 Silly Questions Redux

So, you guys remember how the ever awesome Steven Luna Author of the Joe Vampire book series, co-purveyor of the Dumb White Husband blog, witty twitter person, and all around cool guy took time out of his busy schedule to answer three silly questions? Do you guys also remember how he hadn't seen The Goonies in reeeeeeaaaaaalllly long time and so didn't have a real answer for my favorite character question? 

Well, I remedied that. I sent a DVD copy for him and his family to enjoy and they did just that. Steven took time out of his busy schedule again to answer a few more follow up questions: 

My Questions: So, now that you've watched The Goonies, what is your favorite character in The Goonies and why?

Follow-up question: What's your favorite line in the movie? My favorite, even though its not uttered by my favorite character is "I can't believe this. It's like I'm babysitting but I'm not getting paid." It's so quotable and it has so many uses in every day life! A close second is from Data: "I'm wondering what is in that bag." But the movie has so many great lines that its hard to know where to begin.

Follow-up to that follow-up: Any other insights you want to add now that your a newly minted Goonies convert?

Steven's Answer: Okay...without question, my favorite Goonie is Chunk. He's funny and plucky, a lovable kid who has a great sense of himself. And he makes a connection with Sloth. Anyone who reaches out to the underdog is tops in my book. I think we'll need a second watching to determine a favorite line, but my favorite scene is the one where he and Sloth share the candy bar. There's something kind of gross and special about it that got me right in the feelings. The best part? My kids loved it as much as I did. They'll have no problem with repeated watchings, I'm sure.

[Ed. Note: Your favorite character is my favorite character! That is so rad. You're now inducted in the Chunk fan Club. In Chunk we Trust! Now, all we've got to do now is the Truffle Shuffle handshake and I'll let you into the clubhouse where we'll celebrate by eating Baby Ruths and telling fantastical lies. Please, no blenders allowed. ]

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Steven Luna was relatively quiet when he was born; that all changed once he learned to speak. Now? Good luck getting him to shut up. He’s the author of JOE VAMPIRE and THE AFTERLIFE, the first two books in the JOE VAMPIRE THREELOGY. Book three, THE NEW PARANORMAL, is due in late summer 2013. 


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