Thursday, August 08, 2013

Random conversations sparked by the 100 All-Time greatest issue of EW: Part 2, the TV edition

So, I was reading the letters to the editor section for the next EW issue after the 100 greatest issue, and after reading letter after indignant letter, I'm aware that my husband and I weren't the only people left seething about the their lists. It's not like I was surprised or anything, but it still does the heart good to know that people were as annoyed as we were by their lists.

The interesting part though is if you think Fighting Nun was indignant after the movie portion, you ain't seen nothing yet. Apparently, the TV list made him see red in ways I could not foresee.

Fighting Nun: The Wire is number 1? Who watched The Wire?
Bloody Munchkin: A bunch of people who weren't us? I don't know. It has a pretty devoted fan base.
Fighting Nun: But then its listed in their best drama list and their 10 greatest cult classics? No, that's some bull crap. You can be one or the other not both. By the standard definition of Cult classic, Dr. Who should've top it.
Bloody Munchkin: Yeah, that does seem a bit odd.
Fighting Nun: All in the Family is #6! Are you kidding me? All in the Family?!?! Archie Bunker's racist ass gets under the ten spot and The Cosby Show was 16? Have they lost their minds? Did they even have it to begin with? What is wrong with these dickweeds?
Bloody Munchkin, reaching: I don't know, I guess it appealed to people....
Fighting Nun: And Honeymooners is in the top twenty? That show was only one for a year and was completely boring and it is among the top twenty television shows of all time?
Bloody Munchkin: I don't know. To the Moon Alice was relatable I guess?
Fighting Nun: To who wifebeaters and the codependents that love them?
Bloody Munchkin: I guess so.
Fighting Nun: And the Golden Girls?
Bloody Munchkin: Don't you be talking shit about my Golden Girls. Many a babysitter spent nights learning comic timing from Dorthy Zbornak. You leave her out of this.
Fighting Nun: Fine, but onto my next question, how can shows like Twin Peaks, and My So-Called Life...
Bloody Munchkin: Oh Jesus, here we go again with My So-Called Life...
Fighting Nun (ignores me): And Freaks and Geeks....
Bloody Munchkin: And.... here we go with Freaks and Geeks again....
Fighting Nun (continues to ignore me): How can shows with only one season possibly be on the list?
Bloody Munchkin: Devoted fans?
Fighting Nun: Some small set of rabid fans does not merit a place in the top 100. How did these shows get on? And while I'm at it, how the hell do series that are A) either still on TV or have just finished their runs or b) a series that finished within the last five years on this list. Isn't there some sort of mandatory waiting period shows have to adhere to before they get indoctrinated.  Homeland, Mad Men and Friday Night Lights should be expunged from the list until we've had at least a decade to decide if its good or not in retrospect.
Bloody Munchkin: But you love Breaking Bad and that's pretty high up on the list.
Fighting Nun: Ok, I'll agree with that, but there is no reason absolutely none while Sanford and Sons should be on the list.

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