Thursday, February 02, 2006

O.k., See, No.

O.k., see this is just wrong. Not that I don't wanna knock these guys for expressing themselves and all, put, the faux-fu-manchu, or the pseudo-pornstache, or however you want to label it, should not happen in a modern civilization. And there should certianly not, under any circumstances, be a revival of this stache. At all. Ever.

It's not the facial hair I'm quibbling with per say. Fighting Nun has stopped shaving until our purchase of our house is final and official, and I'm fine with that. But he is grooming his facial hair and beard in such a way that does not evoke 70's porn music playing in my head when he enters a room. Any time a "wakka-wakka-onsa-onsa" beat plays as inner theme music in somebody's brain when you and your stache enter a room (and the stache is probably entering the room before you are, but that's besides the point) you should rethink your grooming routine.

This kinda mustache evokes in me the same sort of reaction I have to trucker hats: confusion and repulsion. I, I just don't understand it. I don't understand how people who are not in their 40's, overweight, not driving anything with Yosemite Sam or Naked Girl mud flaps decides that these two things are good looks. I further do not understand how either of these things can become a trend. I get that ugly is the new pretty among certain circles, but that still doesn't explain why on God's Green Earth, someone would inflict themselves with this kind of ugly. I just... I don't know.

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