Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Words are fun!

I once read a Non Sequiter comic in which the main character were just shouting words at each other because it was fun. I decided to send the comic to Fighting Nun, and we immediately started yelling inane words at each other, like arugula and mestication (well, those were my words really) over e-mail. It was fun. I don't know why we stopped. Oh yeah, that's right, work and stuff. Darn work. Always screwing stuff up.

With that said, today has turned over two doozies that I must broadcast to the world. Well, not the world because I have like no readers and therefore am merely posting where the world can see it if the world so chooses, which it doesn't, but anyway.

The two words of the day are:



They could also be in contention for awesome band names, but Teledildonics would have to be a really loud, Lords-of-Acid-like band to really pull off the name.


FightingNun said...

What does Goldiglo mean, I looked it up but it doesn't come up

The Bloody Munchkin said...

It's not actually a word. It's the name of this philipeno convenience store I passed by at lunch. Spying the name led to amusing conversations about gold diggers and igloos... I guess you had to be there.

Tiger Lady T said...

Okay, when I was reading this word, this is what I saw...

Tele dildo nics

So with dildo in my perception of the word, all I could see were the many possiblities for varieties of shapes, sizes, and material. Which then led to, where can I find me one!

But when you get down to the actual meaning of the word, it's just a fancy schmancy word for computer geeks to use as a techinical meaning for cyber sex.

Personally, I like the dildo scenario the best. Then again, we know I'm a deviant and have to see everything as having a sexual meaning.

It definitely makes life more interesting... :o)