Friday, May 11, 2012

Since When did Writing become Hard Work?

The internet kind of freaks me out ya’ll. And I’m not just talking about Chat Roulette and fetish sites either. I’m talking about the myriad of posts I’ve run across in the last few months about all the work I’m supposed to be doing as writer/blogger/producer or media/consumer of media that I’m just not doing.  

It’s stressing me out a little bit. Because here I am, having written a book that I’m trying publish (admittedly half-assedly) and I’m aware of all the stuff I should be doing to get it published but now I’m suddenly really aware of the nine-bajillion other things I should be doing and it kind of makes my brain want to explode. Not only do I need a great synopsis/pitch, and my first three chapters have to be awesome, and blah-blah-blah-get-your-crap-together-cakes. I got that, well not in the since of actually getting it, but in the sense like I’m supposed to get it.

But now there are other things, like making sure my marketing/public image is consistent, that I’m doing enough to be ‘out there’ and be known. Heck I’m not even doing enough to create posts on my own blog but now I’m being told that I should think about guest blogging on other people’s blogs to leverage my own name and you know that it’s a lot of work, even the idea of breaking out as a writer and making a name for myself.

Not that I didn’t know that already. I mean, I watched my mom’s book languish and I’ve seen the issues she’s had self-publishing and self-marketing, but thanks to all these other blogs (Bad Red Head Media and Rachelle Gardner’s blog to name but a few) I feel REALLY overwhelmed. Like Really, Really, Really Overwhelmed.

Since when did writing become such hard work? I always just thought if you wrote good things, and you enjoyed what you wrote, things would fall into place (although, the readership on my blog would beg to differ, heh!). And it’s not like I didn’t know being a writer/blogger/producer of media isn’t work, and that there aren’t pitfalls/issues inherent to this process. But now I’m acutely aware you know? Like REALLY aware, and that awareness ain't making things any easier.

I know I’m not doing enough. I know there’s several things I could be doing to maximize my readership as a blogger and I definitely know there’s things I could be doing to maximize my book’s exposure (but I haven’t edited it for the thirteenth billion time? It’s not ready yet!) And I am taking steps to try and do that. I bought a writer’s package at Indies Unite 4 Joshua, which is a step in the right direction and already Indies Unite 4 Joshua has put in contact with some amazing people, although I don’t know if they know I have a book yet, but hopefully soon they will. I’m dipping my toe into the pool at least, maybe kind of? No?!?! Fine Internet! I know I’m not doing enough! Pipe down so I can watch videos of cats playing piano instead!


maxwell cynn said...

Welcome to the world of Indie Publishing. If it makes you feel any better, traditionally published authors have to do a bajillion things to promote their books because the publishers don't anymore. And you have to do a bajillion things to land an agent in the first place and more to land a publisher. So Indie isn't much different - work wise - than traditional. But as you can see from #IndiesUnite4Joshua we stick together and help each other out. So just keep plugging away and while you're at it make lots of friends. That's more important than lots of money, right?



The Bloody Munchkin said...

Thanks Max. I'm keeping hope alive that I'll publish this book before I'm eighty (fingers crossed!)