Tuesday, January 08, 2013

New Year's Resolutions, belatedly

I know I'm already eight days late on this conversation, but, better late than never right? I need to list out my new year's resolutions where somebody somewhere might make me accountable or at least it is in writing what it is I planned to do with the year. But before I do, I thought I'd quickly review how I did with last year's resolutions.

I only had two, to read more and write more and I have to say, for me, I did pretty good on both accounts. I read a lot more, and I'm also glad to say that I bounced around in genres and didn't get stuck in a rut on that account. The one thing I didn't do was finish an honest to God book. All my reading took place on my Kindle, so the second part of that resolution didn't go anywhere, unfortunately.

On the subject of writing more, I have put work into stretching myself and writing more here, and in writing creatively, which is good but it's all kind of sitting there, not doing anything, which isn't good. I need to make more of an effort to get my writing out there and have it do something. I'm happy with what I've done but I can do more. So I propose the following as my resolutions:

  1. Read More Routinely

    The problem with reading is trying to fit it in with everything else. I'm only going to read more if I carve out a  time for it. Last year, reading with my Kindle was so effortless because I was usually reading while feeding my daughter. Now that she's older, and she needs that feeding time less and less, my window for reading is smaller and smaller. I try to fit it in, but it sometimes just doesn't happen. Fighting Nun has made some resolutions of his own and he thinks I can fit in reading while he's working out and so I hope to make that a habit.
  2. Read an actual book in between all the Kindle Reading

    This will be the year I read a book with actual covers and not just digital media. It could be Swamplandia, Kavelier and Clay, Downbelow Station, or it could be Lois Lowry's Son, which I just got for Christmas and have been eagerly anticipating for years. Lois Lowry is my jam ya'll. If you haven't read The Giver, get yourself a copy post haste! Who knows, but I vow to read an actual book this year, even if it kills me.
  3. Write more of Substance

    I have done better about writing stuff and writing here, which is surprising to me. I had 56 posts last year, which is more posts than the last four years put together. So that's something. I hope to do close to the same amount this year. But I'm less concerned with the writing on this blog than I am with my creative writing. First there's the matter of that unpublished book I need to get out there and the two more I have yet to write. I'm still not very far along with completing the second book in the series and I really don't want it to stagnate. I also have some other big ideas that I've started that I need to see through to some sort of completion. But I think I've scared myself into not doing anything because I've timed myself and I can write about a page an hour, and since I only have about 70 pages of the second book, I'm scared about knocking out pages and the work and time it will need. But I asked Santa (read: mother) to get me Dragon Naturally Speaking for Christmas and now I should be able to make the process a little faster, I'm hoping.
  4. Eek closer to my goal of getting published

    I'm working towards getting my book critiqued by an actual critique partner (Hey Jason, what's up? Consequently, if you'd be willing to buy a copy of his book Eternal Retribution and promise to buy copies of his upcoming Homecoming with the caveat that he finishes my critique faster, I'd really appreciate it. So would he.) I think I'll have a better understanding of what I can do to the book to make it more publishable. I took a class last year on getting published from the always awesome Gotham City Writers Workshop and I want to put that information to use once I've completed revisions based on my friend's critique. (I also can not wait to critique his upcoming book. Good luck Jason!) 
So that's it. I think all of it is achievable and doable and I've just got to see it through. Wish me luck....

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