Friday, January 11, 2013

Another conversation in which Quentin Tarantino figures heavily

Fighting Nun doesn't really understand this, but in the morning when I get up with the baby and I turn on the TV in the living room, my immediate inclination is to find something that I already know and thus don't have to pay full attention to. Lately my go to of choice has been Prom. That movie is a stinker but a stinker filled with pretty people and Emily Valentine (OMG!) of all people so it's easy to let it pass before my eyes. This morning though it was Pulp Fiction.You all know how I feel about Tarantino, and how I sometimes get too emotional about his work, this one in particular. Well my Pulp Fiction obsession reared its ugly head again.

Mia Wallace in Lego Form! Via
To Wit:

Bloody Munchkin: So what I want to know is, how is it that when we quote this movie 'Warm, Warmer, Disco!' never comes up?
Fighting Nun: Because... Uhm, its not a very good line.
Bloody Munchkin: It could have its uses!
Fighting Nun: 'Look at the Big Brain on Brad' Uses?
Bloody Munchkin: Well, no.
Fighting Nun: Guess you answered your own question then huh.

Ok, this all may be true, but I'm still struck with the fact that years later I'm still finding little Bon mots like this one that I've never used. Something else I find intriguing is how well this movie goes at its own pace. I found the movie on cable right before the "What does Marcellus Wallace look like?" conversation and continued going about my morning business of playing with my daughter, getting her breakfast etc. I look at it once and hear the "Warm, Warmer, Disco!" line which gets stuck in my head, then I keep moving on with my morning. I expected to be well into the golden watch conversation by the time breakfast was finished, but Mia Wallace hadn't even OD'd yet! Actually, when I went upstairs to clean up the munchkin, she was just in the process. Quentin goes at his own damned pace and nobody better rush him! The movie has its own idiosyncratic rhythm, as do all Tarantino movies and you better be willing to let the rhythm wash over you, else you're not watching his movies right. I haven't seen Django Unchained yet, so I don't know if that's like some universal truth I just unlocked, but it feels about right.

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