Thursday, May 23, 2013

A Completely Absurd Conversation about Pretty in Pink

Fighting Nun: Why the hell did you buy Pretty in Pink? (Picks up copy of Pretty in Pink and looks at it sternly)
Bloody Munchkin: I didn't! I won it fair and square!
FN: How did you win it?
BM: I donated to that Donor's Choose fundraiser that Tomato Nation holds every year. I closed out a project for seventy bucks and got this prize in return.
FN: Seventy bucks for a twenty dollar crappy movie. Hardly seems fair.
BM: I didn't enter just to win a prize. I did it to make kids happy. And I'll have you know that this movie fills a void. Other than Ferris Beuller's Day Off, I don't think we have any John Hughes movies in our collection. We don't own Breakfast Club. Do you know how empty I feel sometimes because "You mess with the bull, you get the horns" is not something I can watch instantly?
FN: Whatever (rolls eyes). As long as you didn't pay money for that movie.
BM: Oooookay.

Harry Dean Stanton, National Treasure? via
This little conversation is all thanks to The Tomato Nation fundraiser and the copy of Pretty in Pink I won. Fighting Nun is not a Pretty in Pink fan and thinks pretty sternly that Duckie got screwed. Which yes, he did. But he got Kristi Swanson as a consolation prize! I don't see what the big deal is. It's not my favorite but you can't beat that ending. Well you can, with the ending from Sixteen Candles, with Jake Ryan waiting by his car while Molly Ringwald comes out of the church, but the Pretty in Pink ending is a close second. And also, I take offense that something with Harry Dean Stanton in it would be considered anything less than stellar. That man is a national treasure! Everything he's in turns to gold just by dent of him being in it. Want proof? Watch Seven Psychopaths. He didn't have a speaking part, was in that sucker for two minutes, if that, and was the best part of the whole movie. And that's hard to say when Christopher Walken is in a movie.

Ahem. Conversations like the one above, DVD copies of 80s movies and more could be yours if you donate to the Tomato Nation Fundraiser today. If we reach 50,000 we get a Tomato Nation prom which is bound to be a thousand times better than the two proms I went to. One of those proms, gum from my date ended up in my cleavage. A root canal is bound to be better than that, but still. A Tomato Nation prom is going to rock! Also, you can donate and help some Oklahoma school that were affected by that tornado at the same time! Doesn't that sound great?

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