Monday, May 06, 2013

TV's 80s Nostalgia Week?

So, I'm pretty slow about this, but did the eighties just have a nostalgia party all over my favorite shows last week? Fighting Nun was gone most of the week, so I didn't watch any of our favorite shows until this weekend and every show we watched felt like one stop after another on the 80s nostalgia tour.

I mean for starters, Bob Newhart KILLED IT on the latest episode of Big Bang Theory. At first, I didn't think he'd work and it felt like he was working too hard or he wasn't working at all, but then his cameo just paid off in spades and I couldn't stop smiling.

And then, AND THEN both Ralph Macchio AND The Zabka (yes I know he has a first name, I just like calling him the Zabka) on How I Met Your Mother? And Zabka had one of the most inspired parts ever. He's the clown at Barney's Bachelor party and then reveals himself in the last minute? Genius people, genius.

But the absolute most genius cameo that made my 80's loving heart soar this week? Booger was the Metatron on Supernatural. I'm just gonna wait for a minute while that statement sinks in. Booger (from Revenge of the Nerds) was Metatron! The guy who won the belching contest is the Word of God (as it should be I think). That might be the most awesome thing ever thought into existence. And he did an incredible job. I hope beyond all things that they bring him back before the end.

And, if you'll allow me, I'd like to talk about Supernatural for a bit. Finally, It's going somewhere and the somewhere it is going is pretty damn awesome. Once they finally left that 'Sam's got a girl in Kermit Texas' business by the wayside, it finally went somewhere. I was about at my wit's end with this season. But now that it has decided to throw out all the stops, I'm quite enjoying myself. Two more episodes ya'll!

If only Mike and Molly had seen fit to have Max Perlich do a cameo, then my 80's loving heart would've truly been all aflutter. 

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Laura Zera said...

What a week, indeed! I love it when these blasts from the past happen unexpectedly. Bob Newhart? I mean, come on! Can't touch that.