Friday, January 06, 2006

I have a plant!!!!

So, about September I was moved into a new wing of our company building, which was parts frustrating and awesome at the same time. Moving into the new cube was in turn parts happy-making and saddening, because on the one hand I wasn't actually sharing a cube with anyone anymore (let's just say, our old seating arrangements left a lot to be desired) and I got this brand new shiny cube all to myself, which was very nice. But on the other hand, my old cubemate was totally awesome and we use to make Star Trek jokes and he would google short movies about what happens when you mix corn starch and water together and put it on a woofer.

Since I moved into the new office space, I've been lamenting, well several things, but mostly that I don't have a nice plant to share my window with. Well my awesome old cube mate proved his awesomeness once again by bringing me a plant. I can no longer lament not having a plant! I am not longer plantless but now I'm plantful, or plantiful or planted or planitified or whatever you want to call it. Now I'm no longer alone in my cube again. I'm sharing it with a plant just like I used to share my old cube space with the awesome guy who gave me the plant. I am at peace now.

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