Tuesday, January 17, 2006

What is up with Shatner?


No, Seriously? Usually where Shatner campily goes, I'll follow. Thanks to his Khaaaaan days and such, I generally like the guy. Remember the time he reenacted a tone of movie sequences that were up for MTV movie awards? His take on Seven still stays with me from this day forward. And, O.k. I hate to admit this, but I loyally watched Tek Wars. Hey, don't look at me like that. As I've stated before, No MTV growing up. I can't be held accountable. I even liked his Priceline commercials. And, another thing I hate to admit, I almost bought his album. Stop laughing bitch! You try resisting the hypnotic powers he harnasses on Common People. It's almost impossible!!!

But then, the Shatner Movie Club. I just, I don't think I get it. I want to get it, and given that I did watch all of Tek Wars, maybe I would get it, but I just don't understand. And then he sells his kidney stone to a gambling website? Granted it's for charity and that is great and all, but you sold your kidney stone to the same place who bought a half-eaten cheese sandwich for an exhorbatant amount, because it kinda, sorta had an image of the virgin mary on it? Dude, I'm not saying a psychiatric evaluation is in order, but you might wanna take some time off and "re-evaluate" your life's priorities. With that being said, I kinda want to join his sci-fi DVD club. Yeah I know I just snarked on him for it, but there is a part of me that is a wee bit curious about it. Like, what exactly would you receive from the William Shatner DVD club? Hopefully not a kidney stone.
*Edited to add that I did check out the William Shatner DVD club, and the geeky part of my brain wants in. Annual fee of 47.99 gets you a sci-fi subscription that looks to be one part sci-fi soft core porn, another part imported sci-fi movie, and another part sci-fi channel knock-offs. If this is actually some of the material that constitutes the Shat's movie collection, then I want in!

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