Monday, January 23, 2006

Leave the Torch alone!!!

Listen, I think I eloquently and elaborately explained my love for the Olympics, my desire, my need for the Winter Olympics to be here already. To be brief and to the point, I'm dying over here!!! I'm at the point that nothing, NOTHING! better interfere with my getting to watch the Olympics in their full, unadulterated glory.

Which brings me to my point, or moreover my rant. What kind of whack-job organization would think that trying to Hi-jack the fucking Olympic torch would be a good move in trying to align people to your big social cause? The only cause I want to align myself with is the Kicking Your Ass cause, because who the hell in their right mind would decide to mess with the fine institution as the Olympics (Well, Munich and the Dude who tried to Bomb the Olympics in Atlanta aside. Fine there are a couple of examples. Shut Up!), and why would you think that theiving the torch, the great symbol that it is, would be a way to bring your issues (which the anti-globalization movement is the least of your issues, especially considering that you're now on my shit list buddy, not that that garners a lot of weight. But my memory is long and my forgiveness is short. So if, someday in the distant future when we're all living in that sparkling, Jetsony, GLOBALIZED, just to piss your ass off vision that will one day be realized, you ever get a paper bag full of flame-engulfed bowel movement, just know that it was made with love from yours truly, Bloody Munchkin!) Just don't screw with the Olympics people!! Don't do it! It's not a good idea!!! You do not want to incur my wrath. Because I'm here to tell you that if my Olympics (yes, I'm claiming possessiveness) don't go off without a hitch, I will be a force to be reckoned with!!! Hell hath no fury like Bloody Munchkin scorned for figure skating!!! You can take that to the bank!!!

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