Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Six Degrees of Imdb

Imbd is a horribly addictive internet thing for a pop culture junkie like me. It's so wrong. I go in there to read user comments for some movie, and next thing you know, I'm spending a good fifteen minutes combing through the cast of Eerie, Indiana's respective c.v. because just moments before that, I was combing through Picket Fences's cast and crew for some reason, that reason was some how not in relation to Tom Skerritt remarkably, and found that the guy who played Matthew Brock on Picket Fences also played Simon Holmes on Eerie Indiana, which if I remember correctly, was the kid who got ran over by a bus but gave his heart to girl who needed a heart transplant. I'd have to recheck this but unfortunately I do not (DO NOT) have Eerie, Indiana on DVD which is an oversight that I can not (CAN NOT) get Fighting Nun to remedy for me, as well as the oversights of not having Freaks and Geeks and all the seasons of Kids in the Hall, not to mention Invader Zim on DVD (Are You listening Fighting Nun? My birthday is around the corner, these or that Video iPod you've been threatening to get me would suit me perfectly.).

So aaaannnnyhooooo. So I open up Imdb really quickly to read a user review of Little Miss Sunshine (which consequently I want to see now) and I see that Alan Arkin is in it. I then look at his c.v. to revel in the fact that he was in So I married an Axe Murderer and was all sorts of awesome in it. I then see that he was in Chicago Hope, which I did not know and found funny because I sometimes get him and Hector Elizando mixed up and then I look up Hector Elizando up whilst simultaneously chiding him for being in Princess Diaries 2 ("You're better than that Hector. Shame on you!") And then I see that he was also in Jack and Bobby which illicited the following response from me "Damn Hector. What are you? Christina Latti's bitch? Damn." I then see that he was in Picket Fences and I'm all "I don't remember him in that." and so here I am looking at the cast of Picket Fences, which, why didn't someone clue me in to the fact that Holley Marie Combs was in this show? Because I had a tirade once, a long time ago, about her being the odd man out on the cast of Charmed with verteran child stars Shannon Dougherty and Alyssa Milano seems awfully misplaced and wrong now. Sorry Holley, I didn't know. And now I know that the little redhead on Picket Fences, whose various TV, movie and commercial comings and goings I've been cataloging with a casual interest is named Adam Wylie. That's committed to memory now sadly. Now anytime season two and three episodes of Gilmore Girls reruns get Tivoed, I'll be able to name him, which will have Fighting Nun's eyes rolling into the back of his head, again. So then I went from Adam Wylie, to the guy who played his brother who also turned out to play that guy on Eerie, Indiana. And every time I check out the cast list for Eerie Indiana, I am compelled to Check out Jason Marsden's c.v.just on principle. So there you have it. I somehow went from the cast of Little Miss Sunshine to Jason Marsden in like, what five steps? Not even six degrees, damn. I have no idea what this says about me...

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