Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Field of Dreams

This story makes me so happy, I can not even tell you. If there is a God, I would have a round trip ticket Dubuque Iowa in my hot little hands right now, I'd stay at my aunt's house in Worthington or my other aunt's house Monticello and I would get to see this in person.

I love The Field of Dreams. Right now, certain cable movie channels that shall remain nameless (only because I can't really remember which ones right now) have been showing Field of Dreams again and I have to watch it each and every time it is on. Every. Time. The Field of Dreams compells me. And so does James Earl Jones. Because James Earl Jones is awesome. And his voice is very commanding. Can you say no to Darth Vadar? No! Not just because of the jedi mind tricks, but also because of the voice. But anyway, that's not the point.

The fact they are actually going to show the Field of Dreams in the Field of Dreams that was made in order to film The Field of Dreams is possibly the most awesomest coolest thing ever. It's kinda cool that Kevin Costner will be attending (it'd be cooler if James Earl Jones were there, but anyway). I just... I totally want to go to this.

I've been to the field before and it is touristy and hoaxy, and you do the really annoying things like pretend you're popping out of the corn like Shoeless Joe, and it's kind of awesome because there are actually (or were, it's been awhile) two farmers who share the particular land the field was made, so they had dualing tourist trap huts, one on the first baseline, the other on the third baseline, and you could tell the two people working the booths really disliked each other.

But that's not the point. The point is that it would be totally awesome to watch one of my favorite movies on the site it was actually filmed with like famous people attached to the movie and stuff. Be even cooler if James Earl Jones were there, but... Hey did I say that already? Yeah I did. Sorry for the redundancy. It would be cool though. (Tell him to get off the set of Sandlot 3: Straight to Video and head to Iowa somebody, geez.) If they would have a showing of The Goonies on the beach, or, even better, on a mock up of the pirate ship. and I could be in attendance, I would be a happy, happy girl.

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Tiger Lady T said...

The Goonies was filmed on location in Astoria, Oregon. Who knows, maybe Astoria does do some sort of special Goonies showing.

That would be awesome! And I would so be there for it!

Road Trip!!

(I could have sworn I posted this already. Perhaps I'm already starting to lose it with old age...LOL)