Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Prison Break!!!

Holy Crap you guys!!! Prison Break's back on!!! And it's goooood. I'll leave the recapping to Television Without Pity, but I'm telling you, right now, Awesome Episode. Dude. Veronica. Just Dude. Not that it surprised me, what with her particular breed of stupid and all. But Daaaamn! Cold. Blooded.

Also, Scofield looks good in a suit.

Also, also! William Fichtner!!! I think I've sufficiently explained how awesome he is. And his character is exactly what this show needed. But I have to ask, why oh why, is he credited as Bill Fichtner? Because that threw me off for a split second. I'm like "Who is this Bill Fichtner dude?" and then I saw him and went all squeey for a second and then I was all "Bill? You sir are a William. Be Proud! Embrace the William!"

Also, also, also! The Doctor! And the Nurse!! I love those two!

Yeah!!! Prison Break is back!!! I know Fighting Nun isn't thrilled, but I sure am!!!


FightingNun said...

Would it make your day if the guys from prison break when to go watch spark plug play at the world series?

The Bloody Munchkin said...

Sweet. Tweener and Spark Plug. What a team!