Wednesday, November 29, 2006

El Vez!

Is it wrong that I'm very much want to see this show? No, I have no idea who El Vez is. I do know that I would very much like to see a show involving anything having to to with a red vinyl jump-suited, possible Elvis impersonator with very impressive sideburns. I also no I don't have an excuse as to why. And I have the vaguest impression that all my attempts (which might include begging and possible seduction) to talk Fighting Nun into a entitled "My Mexican Merry Mex-mas" would be met with eye-rolls, sighs and a very emphatic "No. No Way. Not Going To Happen."

I'm assuming that this becomes part of a very long numbered list of strange oddities I would love to see that Fighting Nun has no earthly intention of seeing whatsoever. Said list includes, amongst many forgotten oddities:

1. LL Cool J ("Momma Said we gotta go to this one." "No." "Aw Come on. Going Back to Cali, to Cali, to Cool J?" "No!")
2. Billy Idol. Apparantly Fighting Nun has no predilection to see an aging rocker who has abused peroxide to the point that should be a punishable offense strut his stuff in leather and or pleather pants he has no earthly business stuffing into. Who knew?
3. Rent or any other musical on the face of God's Green Earth, and definately not Momma Mia. I have always wanted to see Rent, especially live, but Fighting Nun has some sense of self-preservation or something that keeps him from having to do anything with musical theatre. We rented The Producers not too long ago, and at certain points of the movie I had to keep lethal objects out of his for fear of the bodily harm he would do to himself or me for agreeing to watch the movie in the first place. Broadway Musicals? Definately out of the question. Broadway Musicals featuring the lyrical stylings of ABBA? There is no way . No. Way. Not. One.
4. SUMO! He just doesn't get Sumo's genius. I've tried to explain the coolness, the importance of it to him, on several occasions in fact (o.k., not several, and the explanation basically involved me yelling SUMO! really loudly over and over again. Probably not the dissertation that was going to convince him, if you know what I'm saying).

So El Vez will probably be added to that list. But see, He's wearing a red pleather jumpsuit, with a belt that looks like a WWE title belt The Rock misplaced, side burns that ate Pittsburgh, a pompedor that is eating his humongous fivehead (a fivehead, for those of you not savvy and in the know is a forehead that is so big its a fivehead. Learnt somethin' today didn't ya?), and has a mustache that I would otherwise detest but somehow completes the outfit. It's a must see! Aw come on Fighting Nun. How about Xanthia? Come on Xanthia, you have to see the genius in this! Takers? Any takers at all?

Fine, I'll just sulk in the corner, somehow content in the realization that I'm the only one who understands the good to be had in this.

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