Tuesday, November 28, 2006


So, with my detailing my little run-in in the company stall at work, its safe to assume I'm back from a nice four day weekend filled with family, wine, whining (my nieces) and lots of food. Yeah Thanksgiving. I've actually come back decently super charged. I got to make fun of and have fun with Fighting Nun's little brother. I got to watch an actual movie in an actual movie theatre (I never thought I'd say this, but Daniel Craig, I salute you. Jolly Good Show, Jolly Good show indeed). I got to geek out about Eragon coming to the big screen a total of about a bajillion times. (I've seen movie posters and trailers everywhere now and instead of making me bitter and upset regarding some of my little pet peeves, damn it, all I could do was be happy. Eragon!!! December 15th!!! If you'll excuse me I have to go hyperventilate into a paper bag now.) I got to catch up on class work (Almost over. Yeah!!!!). I got to drag an irritable and cranky Fighting Nun through a number of stores, which, I'm sorry but when a man is grumpy when looking at a bunch of HD TVs, he's been out to long and needs to go home. I'm slowly beginning to learn that.
Happy post Turkey Days everybody. I hope to have a marathon movie review posted sometime this week regarding all the above-par, par, and sub-par movies I've seen recently. Stay tuned.

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