Thursday, July 20, 2006


I saw this earlier today, and I have to say it's stuck with me. This? Is what's going to be haunting my dreams tonight. This? Is what parents tell their toddlers will be coming out of their beds at night if they don't eat their vegetables, brush their teeth and kiss their momma like good boys and girls. Can't you just hear it "Eat more peas or Carson Daly will come out of your closet and devour you whole." This is...

You know what this is actually? O.k., so three or four (possibly five, GASP!) years ago, Fighting Nun and I were at a house party over at a friend's. There was this girl there that insisted on taking pictures of everybody and she actually caught Fighting Nun at a bad angle and quite by surprise. She gave said picture of surprise and its copy (there were two) to my friend. Well my friend had two roommates and they kind of had a leeetle too much fun with said photo. So one of the copies they cut out Fighting Nun's head and would tape to various pictures and objects to freak the other out. My friend Top Gun had a bikini or lingerie calendar and one of his roommates taped Fighting Nun's head to one of the girl's bodies, so he turned his calendar over and there Fighting Nun was, staring back at him from his bikini calendar. This picture is like that, disconcerting and kinda freaky.

I only have two questions to ask about this photo: When did Carson Daly start getting hairplugs and why is he emulating Richard Simmons?

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