Monday, July 17, 2006

Mr. T Rules! Charitibly.

O.k., I think it's a well known fact that I love Mr. T. The A-Team was, I wouldn't say before my time, it just wasn't what I was into. But you know what was my time? What I was totally into? Mister T! I had the Mister T decoder ring (from a cereal box) and everything. The animated TV show was a bit odd and there was something about, I dunno, gymnasts? But that doesn't mean I didn't love that when I was a kid.

I've heard rumors of him resurfacing for a while now. And now he's going to be on a show where he doles out advice for other people's problems, which, if I was ever to go on a show and talk about my problems, I'd want Mr. T. to be the one to answer them. And I totally have to watch this. Fighting Nun, do you happen to know if we have TV Land? Because I'm here to tell you, this would be a good reason to get it. I mean, I can only guess at the type of advice he would dole out, but I'm sure his answers would be awesome.

So Mr. T's back, somewhat I think. And he's also back without his chains. Can you believe that? Him getting rid of his trademark? That was maybe on the top 3 of a list of ten things I never thought I'd hear in my lifetime. And he's getting rid of them to help Katrina victims. How awesome is that? He battles cancer, doles out advice and sheds his jewels for charity. Is there anything Mr. T. can't do. I Think Not!


Xanthia said...

you crazy little freak. I had no idea you had a thing for Mr. T. So what do you think Mr. T would say of my torrid decade long friendship with Sam?

The Bloody Munchkin said...

To quote "Girl, I pity the fool who feels the need to follow around a D and D loving, long-coat wearing, anime obsessed, comic-book-reading, goth-wanna-be freak. There's other fish in the see girl. Don't fall for foo' like that." How'd you enjoy my Mr. T impression?