Friday, July 28, 2006

The Amazing Screw-On Head

I love this show. I know I'm crazy, you could even say I've got a few screws loose (Geddit. Cause he's the Amazing Screw-On Head? Geddit? GEDDIT? Funny huh), but I totally love this for reason I can't explain. It is bizarre. There's a Monkey with a crown, a dog that doesn't die, Abraham Lincoln (always a sign of quality) David Hyde Pierce as the voice of a zombie. It is Awesome!

Fighting Nun thought I had lost it, because he came in from the other room to see what I was watching and was like "The Hell? What are you watching."I think I categorically say I have lost it. But this show is awesome. Go watch it. I realize that my propensity for watching a high quotient of crap doesn't qualify me as someone who's TV watching opinion you should trust, but I'm telling you. Funniest, most bizarre thing I've seen in awhile, and I just saw A Scanner Darkly in theatres. It's filling a void left by not getting to watch reruns of Invader Zim anymore. It is awesome.

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Tiger Lady T said...

The Goonies was shot in Astoria, Oregon. So who knows, maybe Astoria does do similar types of showings or what-nots of the film. That would be too cool. :o)