Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Worker's Comp

There is nothing quite like falling down three stairs and almost to a full face plant in front of a handful of co-workers. NOTHING!

Actually the only upside to said almost-face-planting was I got to use the following line "The execution was flawless but I'll have to take a 7/10's point deduction on the landing." Nothing like figure skating references to make me feel better about various pitfalls and blunders.

If I call in sick tomorrow (Psst. Fighting Nun, how are the winds looking), do you think the bevy of witnesses will vouch for me? I can hear the phone call now "Oh yeah, I'm really hurt today after my fall at work. I'm not going to file a worker's comp charge, but do you mind if I take a couple days off to 'recuperate'?"

Think it'll work?

1 comment:

Tiger Lady T said...

Wow, where was I when this happened?! And why did I not hear about it until reading it here?? Hmmm....