Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Bloody Munchkin's Media Consumption
Reading - Quick read, fun read, the ending was a bit too tidy, but it was really enjoyable. Full review to follow.

Watching - Shut Up! It's not my fault. Ever since Dazed and Confused, I've been Adam Goldberg's bitch! I must watch anything that the guy who uttered the words "I'm just being honest about being a misanthrope." has ever done, except that bad show he did about the stock market and the two other movies he did with Matthew McConoughy that weren't Dazed and Confused. But other than that, I'm totally there. And yeah, Chris O'Donnell did take a dive in his career because of The Bachelor, but dude played a woman who became a man and slept with Charlie Sheen's Mother. He totally gained tons of good will from me for that role. Enough that is carrying over to this roll.

Sickly Watching - I haven't posted my regular posts that I want to right now because I've been super busy with moving my cubicle stuff into a new space at work (don't ask, long story) during which time I caught some Andromeda-strain head cold that had a grip on tmy grey matter so entirely that I felt as if I'd entered some strange version of The Puppetmaster, my thoughts not totally feeling my own, and Domo Aregato Mr. Roboto'ing everything I was doing. So I took some time to hide under the covers and sort of watch the two birthday presents I gave to myself over and over again. I love the fact Andrew Keegan gets kneed in the nadsack. I love the fact that there is actual, documentable proof that Val Kilmer did a movie that was actually funny for funny's sake, instead of laughable because it was awesomely bad. I like that he did a movie where he says lines like "Mind if I name my first child after you? Dipshit Knight has a nice ring to it." These things make me happy and allow me to sleep blissfully even when my head throbs steadily like a metranome.

Listening to - O.k. I can explain. This really has nothing to do with Rockstar: INXS, well it does a little, but I haven't been watching it, except for a snippet I caught awhile back, but the snippet got into my head, and so did the other INXS songs, so The Tigress made me a copy and added the snippet that was stuck in my head (I'm sorry, but JD's "Pretty Vegas" is pretty damn catchy). Plus, I think I've mastered a mighty fine Kareoke Rendition of "Need You Tonight" driving in my car. Somebody point me to the closest Kareoke bar cause I. Am. Ready. (Except don't, because I'm a terrible singer who only has dillusions of grandeur when in my car doing Careoke [Geddit? Geddit???] and should avoid Kareoke at all costs. Really. Trust me on this one.)

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