Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Fighting Nun's Corner: Just Drink the Coffee!!!

My husband, Fighting Nun, enlightens us once more.

Whatever happens the one thing I can do is take a deep breath let my stomach
acids chew on the injustices of the world and take a long sip of coffee…. *

Ok, I know that was just a bunch of crap! I’m sorry I just let down all my fans of the world, even if my fan base only includes my dog and my pet nose goblins.** My dog is my greatest fan though. The dog can be fast asleep and in I say the right word he is halfway out the door with his leash hanging out of his mouth. He reminds me of a teenage girl at the latest boy band concert ready to wet her panties if the singer even glances her way….

Ok, I know that was just a way to make up a bunch of sexist crap! I’m sorry I just let down all of the feminists reading this article. Actually, I’m not, I think it’s really hot when the red cheeks on a short hair butch dyke start to flare up. ***

So, let’s see I’ve included sex, political issues and the love for furry animals, that meets my quota for the article this week.

But, coffee does have its side affects…. I mean how else does someone expect me to write an ode to the great pumpkin cookie?

* The Bloody Munchkin’s Editor’s Note 1: This statement proves that Fighting Nun was drinking a lot of coffee or under the effects of a lot of coffee when he wrote the rest of this.
** Editor’s Note 2: Hey, what about me? Am I chop liver over here? I thought I was a big part of the fan base!!! I guess me and your pet nose goblins are going to have to dissolve the fan club I was building in your honor!
*** Editor’s Note 3: Dude, don’t upset the short-haired butch dyke contingent. She might be the only reader we’ll ever have!

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