Monday, September 12, 2005

New Blog + Dog = Insomnia

So I've got a blog now. This blog has got me really excited and yet realy nervous at the same time. One part of my brain is all "Eeeeee! I've got a blog. This is excellent! I'll get to be more creative and I should write about this and that" blah, blah, blah. You get the picture. The other half of my brain is all "Are you kidding me? This going to take planning and organization. We got work to do bitch!" So I'm trying to work stuff out between the two parts of my brain, which probably takes thirty or forty minutes of me lying in bed, trying to be the moderator between both trains of thought. Finally, when I've got a reasonable cease-fire established between both sides of my brain, my dog.

I love my dog, as one look at my profile would tell you. But bitch is noisy ya'll (that sounded way to colloquial, I apologize). Just as my brain inevetibly shuts down and I've relaxed enough to get some shut eye, I hear it. Let me give you an example of what I hear. For anyone who turned into The Family Guy last night, there's that whole scene where James Woods is at the foot of the bed and Peter is all "Look Lois, he's dreaming that he's running." as if it's the cutest thing in the world. That's my dog. Except my dog is not James Woods (Thank God, because Yee-ach!) and it has ceased being cute. He runs in his sleep, and he whines. And it's not a cute little breathless whine either, it's a full on three-alarm-fire, bring-out-the-fire-trucks kind of whine. The prolonged "uu-uu-uuuuuu" that just will. Not. Quit. So I have to roll over, reach down the side of the bed to where his bed is and pet him awake, which to my brain is the equivalant of a terrorist attack that ends the cease-fire.

When I do finally get to sleep, I'm usually out. It sometimes takes an act of God to rouse me from my eight hours. But last night, not the case unfortunately. Thanks to me being a total square and all, I had a dream about blogging, which woke me up. (This, strangely, has not been the first time I've woken up because of a nerdy dream. Back when I worked for a tax office I had a disturbing dream about W-4's that woke me up. Yeah, I know. Spell it with me folks: D-O-R-K.) This also ends the cease-fire and I'm back at it, thinking about the blog for another thirty minutes or so. Then, the dog again. Licking himself, or chewing himself, or scratching himself, or walking to the other room, where he licks himself, scratches himself, and chews himself more. There are some days I just can not catch a break.

So in an abrupt change of subject, I was struck by the fact that I decided to start my blog on 9-11. I was also struck be the fact that on that date four years ago, I was prompted by the events of 9-11 to write in my hard cover journal. It's a morbidly eerie coincidence, and I'm not sure what to make of it.

Getting these thoughts out here is making me late for work. So this is me signing off.

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