Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Fighting Nun's Corner

This is the weekly segment where my husband, The Awesome Fighting Nun, gets to air his insights. The intellect will astound...
It's better to be a poet vs. a rockstar:

You don’t need to take drugs to write your crap(Ed. Notes: BUt some times your crap is so crappy that the audience should be required to be on copious amounts of drugs just to read it. See: Ode to a Grecian Urn.) and you don’t have to be drunk
during your performances, you just need large amounts of caffeine.

You can be sure that the girls you take home are as cute as you think they are because your not drunk off your ass (Ed. Notes: Yeah, but as a poet, can you be relatively sure that you could actually, you know, get some action? At least if your Tommy Lee, your reasonably assured to get some action. If you're this guy, there is no guarantee your artistry could get you laid, and if your this guy, there'd no guarantee that what your getting laid by is actually a woman ).

Rockstars when reaching old age are called pathetic losers, aka Rolling Stones (Ed.
Notes: Opinions expressed here not that of the rest of the Bloody Munchkin staff), and may cause years of trauma (if you live that long).(Ed. Notes: But the point of being a rock star is not to live that long. Die young and leave a beautiful corpse Damn It!) But, as a Beatnik you’ve been called a pathetic loser all your life so when you reach old age and still hanging out in coffee shops it comes as no shock to you when somebody comes to call you a pathetic loser.
So there you have it. The Fighting Nun's piece of wisdom for the day!

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