Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Band Names You Can't Make Up

So I'm cruising my e-mail, seeing a new Pollstar alert, checking the local venues for cool concerts that have popped up, and what should my eyes see but a band called "As I Lay Dying." Excuse me, but what? "As I Lay Dying" Are you serious? I know I've created some shitty band names, but this? Is... well, It. Is. Wrong. It's just wrong people. Why don't you just rape and pillage all of Faulkner's work (which I could argue was all about raping and pillaging anyway, but I'll save that debate for another day) and have your number one single entitled "A Rose for Emily." And your big stage act could involve a kid who utters the phrase "My mother is a fish" over and over again and a decomposing corpse laying in a bed?!?!?!

Moral of this tirade? Never, ever name your band after a piece of literature that is canonized, (albeit for what I think is no good reason, but, again, an arguement for a different day). Next thing you know there will be a band called Uncle Tom's Cabin. If you're going to steal a band name from someone, go ahead and steal from me. I'll let you, and besides, I think my band names are pretty cool....

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