Thursday, October 27, 2005

The Bloody Munchkin's Media Consumption

Reading - Yeah I know, I'm trying to hurry up. Really I am. But on the plus side, it is now getting interesting, so maybe the pacing will pick up and I'll read it faster. I don't mind how the story weaves in and out from the present to the recent past to the past, and I actually kind of like how the narration switches from Third to First for some characters. I'll just have to see this one through. I'm a completist that way.

Watching - Loved it! One of those children's movies that remembers there are adults in the audience. The humor is very British. Monty Python meets Are You Being Served meets Austin Powers. I mean they use the cauliflowers and cantelopes as boobs joke, which never gets old. Quite enjoyable.

Listening to - I know I'm betraying all that I hold dear to may heart and all, but I really did not like this album too much. It had it's heart in the right place, but it tried to hard. Manda Rin, as much as I love her, was way too screamy and singing in an octave or trying things with her voice that weren't in her range that made the album just a little unbearable in parts. Manda, girlfriend, I still love you, but tone it down and bring your voice back to the glory it once was. Seriously.

Watching - Meh. It was an interesting movie, but for several reasons, I just didn't care. I could dissect the movie on grounds of mythology vs. history. I could go into depth about Paris and Hector and blah, blah, blah. But I will divulge a little theory that I'm totally convinced of: Brad Pitt has Karl Urban's career. Or to put it differently, Karl Urban is the poor man's Brad Pitt, but could probably be better at Brad Pitt's job than Brad Pitt is. While watching Troy, every time Brad was on screen all I could think to myself was "Karl Urban could kill at this role." Argue that it's too much Lord of The Rings good will carrying over if you must, but I won't buy into it. What I'm convinced of is that Brad Pitt has enjoyed being the go-to pretty-boy for too long and isn't even trying. I'm not saying Brad Pitt doesn't have depth, he brought alot ot the table as Achilles, but Karl would just be... depthier? I don't know, I think he would have brought more mystery and darkness to the role than Brad Pitt did. Sure, maybe watching Doom would strip me of this idea entirely, but that's why I haven't seen it yet. If there's one thing all readership must know about me is that I live in a little bubble of a world all my own where all my theories and pop-culture principles hold absolutely true and I try my hardest not to convince myself of anything else. So please. Don't burst the bubble. I also feel the need to launch into the fact that Brian Cox is so totally a HiTG member it's not even funny, but I'll leave that discussion for another day.

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