Thursday, October 20, 2005

Bloody Munchkin's Media Consumption
Still Not Reading - Well I kinda am. I'm only about 10 or 15 pages from my last post. I'm working on it. Geez.
Watching - O.k. Shut Up. This one's Fighting Nun's fault. And besides, the first 20 minutes of Amazing Race is nothing but filler anyway. (With the smallest voice possible) Uh, Ireallylikeitalot. Come on, it is trashy as hell. Jason Lee has sideburns! And Giovanni Ribisi was on last night, who I will one day cover in a crush file because I've had a crush on him (Xenu be damned!) since My Two Dads. And he was all trashy and he wore a wedding dress! It was awesome! Shut Up!
Still Cracking up about - So last night, right at the end, The Amazing Editors caught the best shot ever. The little blond-haired girl on the Gaghan family jumped on the mat and she flashed that little cherubic smile and blinked that blink of innocence and then Fighting Nun and I had to rewind that stuff and go. "I dare you Phil. Break My Heart. Try and tell this face no!" It was the most awesome Amazing Mat Reaction Shot ever. What about the Pony Phil? What about it? It was great.
Listening to - O.k., so first off. The Bloodhound Gang. I can explain. No I actually can't explain why I like it. I just do. It's jokey and perverted but yet catchy and dancy and in some cases it is just wrong. I mean "I'm missing you like a hijacked flight on September 11th." If some way over the top conservative Defense of Families type caught wind of this, dudes would be martyred fast. But I still enjoy it. Stop looking at me like that. And why is it that you roll your eyes when I tell you I like Lords of Acid? Shut up. Franz Ferdinand is pretty awesome on first listen. I might bloviate on the album later. Also, looking forward to listening to The Kitchen. Manda Rin, My Girl Crush is still potent. Why won't you call me?
Tried to Watch - We tried to watch the extended version last night, and after we got through the thirty minutes of Kevin Smith's diarrehea of the mouth (I'm now convinced that Silent Bob was some sort of bet with his friends for how long he could not talk, because based on this introduction, he can't not talk for very long) , we were tortured by some of the worst scenes in cinema history. Thank God the extended edition was the "Version not meant to be" otherwise I wouldv'e written Kevin Smith off as a hack and been done with it, had this been the first thing of his I ever watched.

Also Reading - Flipping through mostly, but last night I read the Francis Black interview (wow, he's an enigma isn't he?), the Billy Joe Interview (He's one of the few guys who gets better looking with age), the Courtney Love interview (Hee! What a freak! I love her.) The one that got under my skin was the Brandon Flowers Interview. Of course Spin had to bring up The Bravery feud, and he was all "I wish it hadn't of happened but they started it, so there." Way to be simultaneously adult and five years old at the same time. Why don't you just call Sam Endicott poopie-pants while you're at it? You know Brandon, don't talk. Just look pretty, wear eye-liner, come off as somewhat effeminate and sing your songs. That's all you're good for...

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