Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Never underestimate the old dude
So I get into work today and I start talking to the new guy in our department (I shouldn't actually call him that, he's been here for two months). He's about ten, fifteen years my senior, but seems to have some of the same tastes in music as I do so he's fun to talk to, and since he didn't grow up in a black hole of culture unlike myself, he's a lot more educated on most genres of music than I am.
So he hands me a couple of compilations he made a friend, the better to share the love of his music and he let me burn said compilations. The compilations were deemed "Post Punk 101" and on first listen they are pretty awesome. Not stuff I've ever actively listened to ever, and some of the stuff on it has been just under my radar for years now, like Generation X (yes, I know that this was Billy Idol's first band, and I shouldn't call myself a Billy Idol fan if I do not in fact have any Generation X music. You can close Outlook now. I get the finer points of the lecture), Talking Heads, and Joy Division. There was other stuff I didn't know existed like The Jam, and and The Au Pairs that I liked. One of the real highlights of the CDs was just some of the band names. They made me happy. Mighty Lemon Drops (Sweet), Siouxsie and the Banshees (O.k., this one I kind of knew about, but the band name still cracks me up), The Ruts, and The Damned. All the band names I come up with are like 15 years too late man. I mean couldn't you see Distracted by Cameltoe on tour with Siouxsie and the Banshees? That would be awesome.
But the utter crowning achievement of these compiliations was a song I've been wanting for a long time, "Never Say Never" by Romeo Void. I saw Romeo Void on that VH1 show a while back and I was blown away. Had I known that band existed back in my Cyndi Lauper phase, I would've been a much different woman, I'll tell you that. The woman's swagger on this song is just incredible.

So, never underestimate the music collection of an old dude. He might just lay down some learning on your poor, uncultured brain.

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