Friday, October 28, 2005

I'm a pop-culture nerd

So, why is it that I happen to know like five tidbits of useless pop-culture knowledge where the normal person might know one on a particular subject? And why is it that, when called upon, I share said tid-bits ad nauseum? And why is it that said tid-bits bring back bemused looks of "How do you even know that? God you are such a nerd."

Example: Yesterday a conversation took place at work that created such stares.

The Setup: Coworker 1 is talking to Coworker 2 as I happen to be passing by.

Co-worker 1: Yeah, I'm going as the Donald for Holloween but I was thinking of getting a big poofy afro and going as that guy... You know the guy...

Co-worker 2: A Commedore?

Co-worker 1: No, no, the guy with the PBS show a ways back.

Me: Bob Ross?

Co-worker 1: Yeah the guy with the painting show that's it. He was great with the easel and the painter's tray. Whatever happened to him?

Me: He died a number of years back.

Co-worker 1: What of?

Me: Cancer.

Co-worker 1: That's too bad. I wonder if he ever made any money.

Me: Well enough to buy or help fund a wildlife refuge.

Co-worker 2: Really?

Me: Yeah, there was this one episode where he talked about releasing some injured chipmunks he'd help nurse back to health so he could release them into his wildlife refuge.

Co-worker 3 decides to step into the conversation.

Co-worker 3: And you know all of this how?

Me: Mmmm... Well, first off I am a collector of weird and inane trivia, weird little pop-culture things just stick to my brain and two, I didn't have MTV growing up, so PBS kinda took up some of my time.

All three coworkers proceed to stare at me with the stare mentioned above. Then I become utterly aware, that yes, I am a nerd and I will never, ever be cool again. *Le Sigh*

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