Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Fighting Nun's Corner: Work Coffee Sucks
My husband, Fighting Nun enlightens us on why you don't drink the coffee at work:

That damn coffee swell…
What the hell is wrong with the people that make the coffee
around here? Are their taste buds so void of taste that they can’t taste the
crappy bitterness of the brew that just made? Is it so frekin hard when
you make a new batch to take a whiff of the filter, and if it smells like crap,
to wash it out?
I got here at 7:00 today, which I’m grateful for because I
didn’t have to take the train, but I get a cup of coffee and that tasted like
crap, oh well it’s the first batch of the day, just add more sugar and creamer
to mask the crappy taste. Second cup, just as crappy as the first,
probably more, and people wonder why I spend 1.50 for a cup of Joe at
Starhucks.. I’ll tell you why, because their coffee doesn’t taste like it was
filtered using year-old gym socks!
Damn this coffee sucks!

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