Tuesday, May 30, 2006

More Dreams with D-Listers

It's happened again. Another dream with a D-Lister. What is up with that? That's like th fourth one in as many months. I can say I'm glad it's not a starange sexual dream with a co-worker, because those suckers send me reeling for weeks. I'll look at said co-worker and just shudder because there is not one person in my whole building that I would even think about touching with a ten-foot pole and yet, in my dreams, apparantly I want to, which yeeach! Anyhoo... So the dream this morning was particularly odd, because for whatever reason, it involved David Krumholtz. And not David "Singing Show Tunes in his Underwear" Krumholtz, or even David "I've got Dick on my face, don't I?" Krumholtz. That would be awesome, instead it was David "Yes I realized my hair veered away from Jew-fro territory and is veering somewhere very scary, maybe eve a Pseudo-Jew-Mullet, or Pseu-Jew-ullet territory" Krumholtz.

And he was all wild-eyed and intense in my dream and he had a gun and he was coming after me, and I was in a wedding dress, marrying, I think David Silver and all I could think was "This is going to be one awesome season finale of N3mb3rs." I don't even watch that show, partly because Fighting Nun gets all indignant about the bad math and partly because *Yawn*. But I watched a couple of minutes the other night, which apparantly my brain thought warrented reviewing or something, because there David Krumholtz was in my dream, complete with trucker hat and that hair, which now, coming to think of it is more Jewish Hair Metal Hair that it is Jew-ullet, holding a gun in my direction, all crazy-eyed intense.

My dreams are getting wierd...

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