Wednesday, June 21, 2006

The Coreys

I know I'm mental, but this article just filled me with glee. The Coreys? On my tv screen? Again? And I'm not watching The Lost Boys? I'm just so happy! And the reason I'm happy is not because I had a crush on these guys growing up, because I can categorically tell you, that boat came and left the dock by the time I was able to have real meaningful crushes. No, the reason I'm happy about this, is that the two of them are utter train wrecks. The drug problems, the sexual addiction, the scores of bad movies made during and after the drug problems. Whatever it was that happened to Corey Haim's teeth. That awesome episode of Greg The Bunny that "The Feldster" saw fit to do, in which he gets clubbed by the cops. They are so utterly bad, they're good. Which is why I watched season 1 of The Surreal Life (The Feldster can not catch a ball to save his life by the way). And is the exact reason I would watch this show. That and, well I tend to watch a lot of crap on tv. Have I mentioned that before?

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