Tuesday, June 13, 2006

The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drifzzzzz

O.k., this is not a review of the movie, because I haven't seen it, am not going to pay money to see it in the theaters, and have done good to avoid the Fast and the Furious enterprise as a whole, except for the first one, and no I don't have a good reason why I watched it. I just did, O.k.?

This post is more of a gripe about Lucas Black, who I used to like whole hell of a lot, not in a Ohmygodheissooooocute kinda way, because I was in my late teens when American Gothic came out, and that show, and him by association gave me the heebs, but I can remember admiring him because here he was a kid in a very dark TV show and he pulled off his character convincingly. And Slingblade. He was great in that.

He was this kid actor, taking up unconventional roles and I applauded him for that. But jumping in on the Fast in the Furious franchise? It just bums me out. I thought better of him. And the way he's coming off in the ads, especially in the radio ads. Jesus. His accent in those ads makes me wanna tear my hair out. Tone it down a bit with the "Ahm juss a good ole boy" by way of the ghetto accent your trying to pull off, because? Not working. Also? Making you sound ridiculous. Also, when did you start looking like a cross between Sean Patrick Flannery and Paul Walker? Cause, when you were a kid, I did not see that coming. Now, looking at your IMDB profile, I can hear a casting agent in head going "Now where can I find a country-fried Paul Walker , but with slightly more brain cells? Hmm, I've got it. Lucas Black." And that just depresses me. I expected more from this kid is all than being a Paul Walker knockoff and starring in Paul Walker's throw-aways.

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